Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Vikanakken from Vik, Aug 4 2007

This route is described as route #3 on the main Myklebosthornet page.

Just a quick afternoon walk while being on standby duty. This was the only top that I can see from my house, that I hadn't been to yet. Troll and I left the trailhead at Vik 15:05PM and reached the top 15:30PM. After a short stay at the summit, we returned the same way we came, arrived at the trailhead 16:10PM and then went to Sukkertoppen.

Pictures from the Aug 4 2007 trip

To Vikanakken

1. The trailhead at Vik (298KB) 2. Heading up the forest trail (396KB) 3. The path to Vikanakken runs from here (481KB)

Wide-angle view from Vikanakken

4. Wide-angle view from Vikanakken (1318KB)

50mm views from Vikanakken

5. 50mm view from Vikanakken (754KB) 6. 50mm view from Vikanakken (1003KB) 7. 50mm view from Vikanakken (907KB)

Other pics from Vikanakken

8. View towards Ålesund (210KB) 9. The ridge towards Myklebusthornet (889KB) 10. Troll on Vikanakken (214KB) 11. Grytafjorden and Ellingsøya view (546KB)

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