Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Rørene & Myklebosthornet from Idrettsplassen, Oct 16 2007

This route is described as route #2 on the main Myklebosthornet page.

I decided to spend a break between the rainshowers on a new route (for me) to Myklebosthornet. I left the trailhead just east of the sports field by Timbreskarhaugen 15:50PM. My dog Troll wasn't interested in walking, so I carried him up the forest road, and up to Rørene, which I arrived 16:18PM.

I noticed that the next shower was on its way, and it hit us just as we had started on Myklebosthornet's west ridge. My original plan had been to traverse Myklebosthornet, descent to Volstad and follow the road back to the trailhead. But not in this rain. Troll was still in the backpack when I arrived Myklebosthornet 16:46PM.

Troll found the necessary motivation to walk back down and halfway across the ridge it stopped raining. It seemed to get worse than it really was. Being soaking wet in this wind didn't seem very tempting. Altogether it was a nice walk. One certainly got a ridge feeling up here. Recommended! 



Map of the route

0. Map of the route (240KB)

To Rørene

1. @home, earlier in the day (152KB) 2. The trailhead, east of Idrettsplassen (333KB) 3. Passing Idrettsplassen (the sports field) (345KB) 4. Up the forest road. The forest ridge is above (321KB)

Wide-angle view from Rørene

5. Wide-angle view from Rørene (783KB)

To Myklebosthornet

6. The ridge to Myklebosthornet (241KB) 7. Myklebosthornet ahead (251KB) 8. View towards Rørene (166KB) 9. Myklebosthornet summit (132KB)


10. The ridge towards Rørene (179KB) 11. The sun is lurking behind (124KB) 12. My hiking buddy (239KB) 13. Small lake (262KB) 14. Kverveaksla and Godøya (156KB) 15. View from the ridge (377KB) 16. Ålesund, Aksla and Sukkertoppen (117KB) 17. Ålesund and Sukkertoppen (220KB) 18. Rainshowers on Grytafjorden (167KB) 19. View to the trailhead (453KB) 20. Troll on a balancing mission (396KB)

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