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"Dead forest scrambling", Jan 6 2008

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Forestosaurus Rex

Forestosaurus Rex (Click for larger image)

"Dead forest scrambling" ..

is a phrase I invented after a Sunday trip to Myklebosthornet. The normal approach from the north side is to hike from the sports field, and follow the forest road up to the ridge between Rørene and Myklebosthornet. As I was heading out a bit late, and wanted daylight on top (for pictures), I figured "heck, let's take the shortest route". My dog Troll, riding the backpack, was all for the idea.

I passed Lake Vatnet ("The lake" - what a brilliant name) and headed off trail into the steep forest. I soon hit a ridge with dead forest all over the place. At the time, it didn't strike me what the reason was. I will not use the word climb, but this forest had to be scrambled. After numerous ups and downs, and zigs and zags, I began to question whether my route really was getting me to the top faster than the normal route would have done.

Myklebosthornet offers ..

great views. No question about it. After all, this tops ranks as #1 in Ålesund kommune in terms of primary factor. Even if they had moved the Skodje/Ålesund border 80m, causing Ursfjellet (Vasstrandegga) summit to be Ålesund's highest point, Myklebosthornet would still rule on top of the PF list. Even if you don't give a rat's ass about primary factors, it still is a valid metric for views. And when I came home, I noticed that one can see Natakupa in Stryn. Ain't that something...

Troll meets girls.

Upon descent (the normal route), I ran into two hikers, each with a Shetland Sheepdog bitches (I don't like that word, but think it's the right one) I had a long and nice chat with the two hikers, a man and a woman, while Troll was in some sort of dog heaven. They told me that the dead forest was the result after the hurricane back in 1991. Ah yes, I've seen the traces on Sula island. After a while, I told them that I had a web-site, and they said they would check it out. Then I learned that they were English teachers. Shiver... I asked them polite not to think shop if they visited the site.

I do hope the pictures below will encourage you to visit Myklebosthornet if you haven't already been there. The views are fantastic and there are a number of routes to choose between. Visit the main page for description of some of the routes.

Pictures from the Jan 6 2008 hike

Slideshow, all pics

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1. Ellingsøyfjorden view, seen from my front door (123KB) 2. Myklebosthornet seen from the trailhead (217KB) 3. Dead forest (328KB) 4. More dead forest (450KB) 5. Forestosaurus Rex (311KB) 6. Force of nature (357KB) 7. Arriving Myklebosthornet (216KB) 8. Route overview (378KB)

Wide-angle view from Myklebosthornet (w/compass)

9. Wide-angle view from Myklebosthornet (807KB)

50mm views from Myklebosthornet

10. 50mm views from Myklebosthornet (673KB) 11. 50mm views from Myklebosthornet (960KB)

Zoom views from Myklebosthornet

12. Zoom view from Myklebosthornet (831KB) 13. Zoom view from Myklebosthornet (867KB)


14. Art of nature (444KB)

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