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Nakken from Vikåsen, Aug 26 2007

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Being a mountain goat, it AIN'T fun to wake up on a Sunday, to the sound of rain. But it came as no surprise. It was autumn, alright. Actually, the next day (Aug 27th) the local mountains were covered with snow from 1000m elevation and up. That's EARLY. Way too EARLY.

But to get lazy on the couch isn't my idea of a Sunday, so after finishing the Lodalskåpa trip report, it was time to walk the dog. My friend Torill has the same attitute towards idle time, and decided to join me. As she has taken up the good sport of peakbagging, we ought to find a top that none of us had been to. Not a tall mountain, though. Not in bad weather like this. We ain't crazy.

I met Torill at Dragsundet (Skodje) and we drove to Hjelsetbukta bay, just inside Rauma kommune. Nakken was a cute little mountain top with a steep face to the west. My GPS led us to a farm, and we expected to find a path towards the top. We found a path, but it didn't seem to lead to the top. After traversing a bit back and forth in the forest, we stumbled upon the marked path to Nakken. This was quite an OK path, and Troll willingly followed Torill up the forest.

We left the trailhead 12:45PM and reached the top of Nakken 13:24PM. The walk wasn't exactly exhausting, and we agreed to pay Vikenakken (on the other side of the valley) a visit too. It was just a too short hike, compared to the long drive.

As expected, we didn't see much from Nakken. The wind at this altitude wasn't too bad, but it was evident that being much higher would be quite unpleasant. We turned around after a couple of minutes, and followed the marked path back to the road. The car was just 250 meters up the road.

Next stop: Vikenakken.

Pictures from the Aug 26 2007 trip

To Nakken

1. Nakken ahead (195KB) 2. The wrong trailhead (309KB) 3. Finally on the path (413KB) 4. On top of Nakken (493KB) 5. Limited views from Nakken (336KB)


6. Vikenakken - our next stop (264KB) 7. View down to Hjelvikbukta (325KB) 8. Bad sport, in my opinion. This is just too easy (451KB) 9. Descending to a farm (390KB) 10. The correct trailhead (225KB)

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