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Nihusen on skis, Feb 6 2007

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The first true wonderful day in 2007. At last! -6 deg. C, dry asphalt roads, bright sunshine and The Boys of Summer on the radio. Not even the neverending Sulesund - Hareid ferry issues could ruin this perfect day. And that says a lot!

I agreed with colleague Torill that we should ski Nihusen in the evening. She had already been to the top in the morning, but that didn't matter. She likes this mountain.. a GREAT DEAL! I took the dog up to Høgenakken before heading out to Skodje. A tractor had driven up to 300m elevation, creating perfect tracks for skiing. We decided (Torill might say we?? when she reads this) to ski up along the summer path. People probably do not ski this route. For a reason.

We reached the top 19:25PM. What a great evening. Powder snow all around and a starry sky. Conditions don't get better than this. After a round of pictures, we skied down the upper section, the same way we came. After a joyful ride down the forest road, we .. OK - I - suggested that we should take a somewhat steep shortcut in the forest. This shortcut was pure fun from beginning to end. Torill, initially not 100% convinced that this was skiing terrain, seemed to share the sensation.

The ride down the rest of the forest road was just a matter of letting the skis flow, while trying to wipe the eyes dry. The temperature was down to -10 deg. C. by the time I left Skodje.

Pictures from the Feb 6 2007 ski-trip

1. Wide-angle view from Nihusen (423KB) 2. Wide-angle view from Nihusen (242KB) 3. The slalom hill on Ørskogfjellet (88KB) 4. Stars, including Orions Belt (122KB) 5. Skodje seen from Nihsen (171KB) 6. Torill on Nihusen (145KB)

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