Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Liafjellet from Solnørdalen, Jun 14 2006

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Råna seen from Liafjellet

Råna seen from Liafjellet
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Me and the dog ("Troll") left the trailhead along the road to Solnørdalen 6:25PM. Seldom have I been more bored on the way to a mountain. The hillside never seemed to end, and there was nothing to look at until I reached 500m elevation. This path should have run directly from Sjøholt, with fjord views throughout the hike.

We reached the top 7:25PM. I decided to take the pictures from the east top (470m east/northeast from the summit) as I took panorama pictures from the main summit when I visited this top in January. On the way down, I met 5-6 hikers, all women. Rude as I can be at times, I didn't stop for chatting, although the dog tried to. We were back at the trailhead 8PM. A good exercise, although this wasn't a trip for the "book of moments". The views were nice, though.


To Liafjellet

1. The trailhead (302KB) 2. In the forest (349KB)

360 deg. wide-angle panorama from the east top

3. 360 deg. wide-angle panorama from Liafjellet (979KB)

50mm + zoom view from Liafjellet

4. 50mm panorama from Liafjellet (1236KB) 5. Zoom view (medium res.) from Liafjellet (1327KB)

Other pics from Liafjellet

6. Lebergsfjellet seen from Liafjellet (178KB) 7. Trolltinden seen from Liafjellet (172KB) 8. Råna seen from Liafjellet (152KB) 9. Sjøholt (307KB) 10. Solnørdalen (373KB) 11. Low forest hill near Sjøholt (143KB) 12. Verahornet seen from Liafjellet (223KB)

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