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Liafjellet from Kleivane, Oct 11 2008

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The route

The route
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The sole purpose of this hike was to verify my suspicion about Liafjellet's east top NOT being higher than the west top, opposite of what the Økonomisk Kartverk map says. The east top is supposed to be 533,2m, while the east top is only 528,34m. From distance, the east top looks higher. From the east top, the west tops looks higher, and from the west top, the east top looks higher. What a mess. When I measured with GPS in 2006, the west top seemed higher.

I know what you're thinking. Don't! Height does matter..

I chose to hike from Kleivane, like i did back in 2006. This time I wanted to get a GPS track from the path. In 2006, I was wandering around in the snowy forest. Below the summit, I met a Dutch couple (living in Norway), on their way down. We chatted for a while. They understood that I enjoyed the mountains and asked if I had a web-site. The camera in my hand might have been the clue they needed to ask the question. I said yes, and gave them the name of my site. It turned out that they knew it already, and well too - it seemed. So - hello again to the Dutchies, in case you read this..

I reached the cairn on Liafjellet 12:07pm, approx. 50 minutes after leaving the car. I let the GPS measure the elevation for a while (on top of the small cairn), and read 528m as average after a 5-minute period. I then moved on to the east top and repeated the procedure. The GPS read 527m (on the ground), and I concluded that 533m couldn't be correct. There is not even a cairn on the east top to warrant a precision with a decimal. Nevertheless, I'll be using the official map height for now.

Upon descent, I took a short-cut down the forest, a direct route towards the car. Short-cuts can be very nice, and I enjoyed the view of a black grouse and a deer. I was back at the car 1h:45m after leaving it.

Mountain madness

Mountain madness
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6


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To Liafjellet

0A. Trip tracks 0B. Route profile 1. Kleivane trailhead 2. Across a small meadow 3. Up through a wet forest 4. Into the forest 5. The Liafjellet horse 6. Above the forest, looking back down

Views from Liafjellet

7. Wide-angle view from Liafjellet 8. Haram tops seen from Liafjellet 9. Ørskogfjellet mountains 10. Storfjorden view 11. Uksenøya tops 12. Sjøholt

Views on the way to - and from the east top + descent

13. Skodje 14. Skodje 15. Ørskogfjellet tops 16. Søvik 17. West top seen from the east top 18. Gausnestoppen 19. Back on the west top 20. Along came a spider..

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