Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Ramnfloget, 282m

Fylke/Kommune : Møre og Romsdal/Haram
Maps : 1220-III Brattvåg
(Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary factor : 84m
Visited : Apr 2006
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Ramnfloget (right)

Ramnfloget (right)


Ramnfloget (described in the book "Fotturar på Sunnmøre) is the westernmost point on a long ridge that runs across Grasdalsfjellet, Høgsalen and Frostadtinden.

Situated close to the place Vatne, the summit logbook proves that this is a very popular top. The normal route begins at Eidet and follows a visible path all the way to the top. You may proceed towards Grasdalsfjellet, but the normal way is to descend your ascent route.

The local views (Haram, Ørskog, Vestnes) are surprisingly good, and you will also be able to see some of the Sunnmøre "Alps" towards the south. The view towards Grytefjorden doesn't get any better than from Ramnfloget.

Primary factor:

Ramnfloget (M711: 282m, Ø.K.: 282,30m, UTM 32 V 377181 6936838) has a primary factor of 84m towards the higher parent mountain Grasdalsfjellet (602m) The defining saddle (approx. UTM 32 V 378185 6936839) is found between Ramnfloget and Grasdalsfjellet. Ref. Økonomisk Kartverk (5m contours), the saddle is within the range 195-200m, interpolated to 198m.

Trail descriptions:

Notes: Class ratings are in reference to YDS. Click here for more information.

The trails described below are not necessarily the *easiest* trails to this mountain.

Eide (Vatne) - Ramnfloget (summer/autumn)

Difficulty : Class 1 (YDS)
Exposure : No
Distance : Approx. 1,4Km to the top
Time : Approx. 30-45 minutes to the top
Starting Elev.: Approx. 60m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 220m

Map of the area
Map of the area
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Detailed map
Detailed map
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From Ålesund, follow highway E39 towards Åndalsnes. From the E136/E39/Olsvika roundabout near Breivka, follow E39 13,3Km. Turn left onto highway RV661 (Skodje/Brattvåg/Vatne). Pay toll at an unmanned toll booth (coins + credit cards). Drive almost all the way to the "Brattvåg/Vatne" junction at Eidet (near Vatne), but turn right onto a gravel road 200m before Eidet. Drive 100m and find parking.

The route

Walk 100m eastbound until you see the "Ramnfloget" trailsign. Turn right onto a forest path which joins the powerline higher up. The path continues up the west end of the Ramnfloget ridge and follows the ridge all the way to the summit cairn. The summit logbook is found in a mailbox before you reach the summit. Descend your ascent route

Trip notes, Apr 26 2005

This was a lazy, walking-the-dog, afternoon hike in fine weather. It took me and the dog 25 minutes to reach the top (19:15PM). 7-8 people had already signed the logbook today, the same amount the day before, and so on. The elevation of this top was indeed modest, but the views were great. "Superb views for minimal effort" as I stated in my hiking log. Look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

Pictures from the Apr 26 2006 hike

To Ramnfloget

1. The trailhead (226KB) 2. Forest path begins here (365KB) 3. Device on the ridge (142kB) 4. Arriving the top (244KB)

360 deg. wide-angle panorama

5. 360 deg wide-angle panorama from Ramnfloget (1113KB)

Other summit pictures

6. Zoom panorama from Ramnfloget (932KB) 7. Skjerdingen seen from Ramnfloget (215KB) 8. Tindfjell seen from Ramnfloget (190KB) 9. Hellenakken seen from Ramnfloget (137KB) 10. Urfjellet seen from Ramnfloget (207KB) 11. Dravlausnyken and Straumshornet (174KB) 12. Troll on Ramnfloget (144KB) 13. 50mm panorama from Ramnfloget (922KB)


14. Vatne (153KB) 15. Grytafjorden (467KB)

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Other pictures:

1. Vatnedalen view (614KB) 2. Haram tops seen from Nihusen

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