Norwegian Mountains, M°re og Romsdal

Rem°yfjellet round trip, July 25 2008

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Parts of the route

Parts of the route
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Rem°y/Rim°y/Rem°ya/Rim°ya ..

was the only island in Her°y kommune, which high point I hadn't been to yet. I had been on my way two times before. The first time, I was on duty. Just as I was ready to leave the trailhead, 278 text messages arrived on my cell phone. There was obviously a computer that needed attention. A major, major rainshower was the showstopper on my second attempt.

But there were no showstoppers on this nice Friday afternoon. The obvious route would have been the worn path from SŠvik, but I went for a different approach. I parked on the north side of the tunnel, and went up to Vasseidet first. I remember thinking "stupid, stupid, stupid..". Walking these turfs was no fun at all.


Runde - always a nice sight

Runde - always a nice sight
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Upon descending Vasseidet, I noticed two hikers on their way up to Vardane. They weren't moving fast, and it didn't take long before I was on their tail. They were two skinny males in their sixties, and from what i could tell, from a large country in western Europe.

Just as I tried to pass one of them, he increased his pace. This new pace wasn't natural for him, and it just looked quite ridiculous. If you've seen the Bangles video "Walk like an Egyptian", you get the picture. I could easily have passed him on the outside, but I got curious. Would he ever yield? It didn't seem so. I got tired of this and passed him after a while. Then I caught up with the other guy. This guy stopped and took a p... right in front of me. Good for him that he turned his back to me.  Charming!!!!

Back to business

I quickly forgot about these tourists, and focused on the walk and the splendid nature. I didn't stay long at the high point, as the other dudes were approaching. I continued towards Rim°ykammen, and it only took 20 minutes before I was standing next to the Rim°ykammen cairn.

The plan was to walk along the shore, but now I was facing a question I hadn't thought of; how do I get down to the shore? But after wandering about for a little while, I came across a small gully that offered a steep, yet nice route for descent. And soon after, I was down by the shore.

Walking back to the car was just excellent. The boulder was easy to walk on, and I treated myself with a swim in Rim°yvika. Wet, salt and happy, I returned to the car 6:20pm, after a nice 2-hour, 5,7Km walk.


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To Vasseidet

0. Trip tracks 1. My trailhead 2. To Vasseidet 3. Scaring up the local wildlife 4. Runde 5. West coast of Runde 6. Vardane seen from Vasseidet 7. 50mm view from Vasseidet

To Vardane

8. To Vardane 9. Wide-angle view from Vardane 10. 85mm zoom view from Vardane 11. Vardane trig. point


12. Rim°ykammen 13. Leinehornet and Lein°ya 14. God°ya 15. Runde 16. 85mm zoom view from Rim°ykammen


17. Descending to the shore 18. The gully that brought me down 19. Along the shore 20. Rock face

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