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Rinden, May 29 2007

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My colleague Vidar and I had been talking about Rinden for quite a while, until I called him the evening before and suggested we'd stop talking and go there. Vidar agreed, and after work in Ulsteinvik, we headed towards Sands°ya. The weather was brilliant. Vidar had never been to Rinden before, so this would be the first visit for the both of us. Vidar and I visited Igesundhetta earlier in 2007, and Keipen on Skorpa in 2006.

We took the ferry from Larsnes, and after a short stop in ┼ram, we arrived Voksa. We drove to Sands°ya and found the trailhead using the GPS. A guy told us to park down by the school, and so we did. 16:45PM, we were on our way. My dog Troll was keeping us company in the backpack. He likes a soft start to his walks...

We had no problems following the path up the ridge. We came across 3 deer high on the ridge. I guess the times when these animals are shy in the daytime, are long gone. A nice sight - deer with the ocean as the background.

A bit up the ridge, Troll was let out of the backpack, and we reached the top 17:40PM. We only stayed for 10 minutes, because we wanted to get the 19:00PM ferry from Voksa. There's no fun in waiting 1,5 hours for the next one. This afternoon certainly invited for a longer stay at the top, but I wanted to get back to ┼lesund before it was too late in the evening.

I noticed the island Riste, which could not be reached through public transport. I suggested to Vidar that we should go there in Vidar's boat later in the summer, and he reckoned that the island was in reasonable distance from Nerlands°ya, where we would depart from. I look forward to that trip. Tops that are harder to get to, somehow tastes better.

We were back down at the school 18:40PM, and had ample time before the ferry. I get amused by those ferries where some cars board the normal way, and some cars board in reverse. The car ahead of us was obviously prepared for both ways.



Pictures from the May 29 2007 trip

To Sands°ya

1. Grey Heron at Sulesund (199KB) 2. Gursk°ya seen from ┼ram (533KB) 3. Skoratinden seen from ┼ram (240KB)

To Rinden

4. Parking at the school (221KB) 5. Tractor road begins here (255KB) 6. End of the tractor road (262KB) 7. Shelter, should you need it (346KB) 8. You will notice this rock (222KB) 9. Deer on Rinden (300KB) 10. Vulnerable Graveyard (284KB) 11. Troll and me (390KB) 12. Vidar and Troll (289KB)

Wide-angle panorama from Rinden

13. Wide-angle view from Rinden (1144KB)

50mm panorama from Rinden

14. 50mm view from Rinden (1623KB)

Zoom panoramas from Rinden

15. Zoom view from Rinden (1145KB) 16. Zoom view from Rinden (1504KB) 17. Zoom view from Rinden (1211KB) 18. Zoom view from Rinden (692KB)

Other pictures from Rinden

19. Hornelen (183KB) 20. Kjerringa on Stadlandet (314KB) 21. Sandshamn (883KB) 22. Hornet (325kB) 23. Arnt in action.. (221KB) 24. Troll on Rinden (205KB) 25. Bug on Rinden (294KB)

Descent + ferry

26. Descending Rinden (275KB) 27. The south side of Sands°ya (616KB) 28. Rinden seen on the way to the ferry (156KB) 29. Odd queue (181KB) 30. Hint: Lifejackets (155KB)

┼lesund, later in the evening

31. Moon above Molladalstindane (163kB) 32. Moon above Molladalstindane (121KB) 33. Reflections (150KB) 34. Evening sky (91KB)

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