"Kromtinden", 1013m
SE of Rismålstinden, 1014m
Rismålstinden, 1030m

Mountain area : Tosbotn, Nordland
Fylke/Kommune : Nordland/Brønnøy,Grane
Maps : 1825-I Tosbotn (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: Rismålstinden: 200m
Primary Factor: 1014m SE of Rismålstinden: 84m
Primary Factor: "Kromtinden": 103m
Hiked : July 2003
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See also : Durmålstinden
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See also : Breidvasstinden
See also : Middagstinden
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Rismaalstinden, center, seen from Tosenfjorden

Rismålstinden, center, seen from Tosenfjorden


Rismålstinden is a point on a long ridge stretching from Tosenfjorden to Breidvasstinden, the highest point in Brønnøy Kommune. On this high ridge, you find other points such as Kvanndalstinden, Kjerringtinden, Mosvasstinden, Durmålstinden, Toerfjellet and Grunnvasstinden. The Kommune border between Brønnøy and Grane also follows this ridge for a long distance. All peaks described on this page, belong to both Brønnøy and Grane.

From this high ridge, you have unobscured views to the Børgefjell mountains in the east. From Rismålstinden, you will also see the whole Tosenfjorden with Heilhornet in the distance. Towards the north, beyond Breidvasstinden, you see parts of the great Andalshatten and beyond is only the ocean. You may also get a glimpse of de syv søstre (seven sisters) near Sandnessjøen.

You won't see hikers in this mountain region, although you might see hunters in the hunting season. This area is about yourself and the nature given to you. No tourist huts. Only hunting cabins. Enjoy it to the fullest, and don't get lost in fog.

Below the Durmålstinden - "Kromtinden" ridge, runs Tosentunnelen (nearly 5900m long) This tunnel opened in 1987 and saved people from a major detour via the south (where several ferries were required), whether they were traveling eastbound or westbound. It took about 50 years to get this tunnel approved by Stortinget (Parliament), but the road became very important for the region once it was opened. In addition to a number of benefits for the region, the road also offered Sweden an ice-free harbor in Brønnøysund.


"Kromtinden" is a word I have chosen for one of the unnamed point (1013m) on this high ridge. This hill is in my "book" qualified as a separate mountain, and since the point lies above Krommen and the Indre Krommen basin, I found the the name appropriate. Point 1014m, between Rismålstinden and "Kromtinden" is not a separate mountain, and is only referred to as "1014m SE of Rismålstinden".

Primary Factor

Rismålstinden has a primary factor of 200m towards the higher Toerfjellet (1042m). The saddle is on the high ridge between the two mountains, and the last adjacent 20m contour lines are 840m. The saddle height is interpolated to 830m.

1014m SE of Rismålstinden has a primary factor of 84m towards the higher Rismålstinden, and is not ranked as a separate mountain on this web-site. The saddle is just north of lake 902m. The last adjacent 20m contour lines are 940m, and the saddle height is interpolated to 930m.

"Kromtinden" has a primary factor of 113m towards the higher 1014m SE of Rismålstinden. The saddle is on the high ridge between the two summits, and the last adjacent 20m contour lines are 920m. Instead of interpolating to 910m, I have set the saddle height to 900m, as the 900m contour lines almost touch, and also based on my GPS measurements.

Trail descriptions:

Note: Class ratings are in reference to YDS (Yosemite Decimal System).

Tosentunnelen - "Kromtinden" - Rismålstinden (summer)

Difficulty : Class 2+
Comments : Slightly rough terrain. For experienced hikers
Distance : Approx. 6Km to Rismålstinden
Time : Approx. 3-3,5 hours to Rismålstinden
Starting Elev.: Approx. 400m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 1170m (total, both ways)

Map of the area
Map of the area
Detailed map
Detailed map


Highway 76 will take you to Tosentunnelen, either from Skillevika outside Brønnøysund in the west, or from highway E6 near Sveningdal in the east. The tunnel is 15,5Km from the E6 junction. Park on the eastern side of the tunnel. A small road takes you on the back side of the tunnel entrance.

The route

There are no trails. Follow the river upwards towards the basin. Just above where the two rivers (one from the basin, one from where you'll be going up) join, some rocks should allow for a easy river crossing provided most of the snow has melted. A possible alternative is to drive at the eastern end of lake Mosvasstjørnane and look for a bridge there.

After you have crossed river #1, cross river #2, which is far easier, and head for a grassy ridge between river #2 and a distinct boulder gully running all the way to the top. Follow the ridge as it turns towards the river. Between all the slippery flat rock, there are sufficient boulder and rock that provide a secure path. When dry, you can also hike on the flat rock. Be careful when you hike on the boulder, as they tend to move when you don't want them to. This is a typical class 2 route. Some handhold is required, but no advanced moves and no real exposure other than the steep grade of the hill.

Once up on the high ridge, turn left and proceed up to point 995m. From 995m, you have a clear view back to the highway and the trailhead. In order to get to Point 1013m, or "Kromtinden" as I am referring to on this page, you must descend approx. 60m. The high ridge so far is easy. It looks complex, but through some routefinding, you will find routes inbetween. A few small rocks mark the summit.

From "Kromtinden", follow the obvious ridge down to the saddle, where you have steep terrain on both sides. There is no exposure, but some light scrambling is required to get onto the ridge leading to point 1014m. This saddle is what gives the route the class 2+ grade. Once on point 1014m (marked by some rocks and a broken trig. point), you have a clear view towards Rismålstinden. You have lake 902m between you and your target, and you can hike on either side. If you choose to hike on the left hand side of the lake, you must cross a few drains. But this is unproblematic. The hike up to the summit is also fairly easy. There is no cairn marking the summit, and you will need to guess which of the two rocks are the true summit. Enjoy the views, and return the same way you came.

Trip Report July 26 2003.

From time to time I go to Brønnøysund to visit family and friends. This time, my parents would look after Troll while I am going on a summer vacation. I find flying from Bergen to Brønnøysund quite cumbersome during week-ends, as the travel involves 3 flights. And it is expensive. As such, I was looking into a new concept involving a Bergen-Trondheim flight and a rental car to Brønnøysund. Going up, this was the perfect concept. I flew out of Bergen 09:10AM, and landed in Trondheim 10:50AM, after a short stop in Ålesund. I was on the road at 11:20AM, and arrived Tosentunnelen 15:30PM.

The weather was much better than I had wished for, and at 15:45PM, Troll and I was on our way towards Rismålstinden. I had planned this hike days ahead, but I couldn't figure out exactly how steep the direct approach was. Now, on-site, I saw that it seemed doable to follow the river up to the high ridge. But getting across the first river was a whole different ballgame. I followed the river upwards, and it seemed impossible. I decided to go above the point where the two rivers joined, and just above this point, I found a path of rocks which took me across. And surely, this was the only point I could cross along the river.

Happy to be over, we headed towards the mountain. I couldn't decide on following the river or following a boulder gully running straight up. Just below the boulder gully, I turned left and took my chance on the terrain near the river. This was a good choice, as it was mighty steep in the boulder gully. Soon after, I was on point 995m, and got a better understanding of the route ahead. Once we reached the high ridge, Troll could walk. The rock was rounded, and there was always a way around the many obstacles.

I was curious on the saddle between "Kromtinden" and 1014m. From the map, this could either be easy or difficult. It was something in the middle, but not discomforting. We kept a good pace up to 1014m, and then we had the rest of the route in view. We chose to hike across the drain from lake 902m, and by 18:00PM sharp, we were on Rismålstinden summit. I truly enjoyed the views, and got a good understanding of doable routes to Breidvasstinden and Middagstinden, which are my favourite peaks in the area. I hope to do both next year.

We had to return the same route, and departed the summit 18:20PM. Troll was giving me the best he had, and I didn't put him in the backpack until we reached the hillside above the trailhead. I found a slightly better route on the dry, flat rock while heading down, and we reached the car 20:05PM. I hadn't eaten anything that day, and looked forward to reach my parents house. The usual pizza would be waiting for me there. Later in the evening, I watched the sunset over a glass of red wine, at the neighbours. A fine day.

I expected driving back to Trondheim the next day would be a nice trip, even if it was the end of the common holiday in Norway. I expected a lot of traffic towards Trondheim. Just before Majavatn, one of the tires went flat, and the trip wasn't so enjoyable anymore. There was no way I could loosen the tire with the simple tools provided by the rental company. Herds of cars were passing, and I prepared for the victim's role with waving arms. But a mercyful soul stopped and provided me with the right set of tools, and within minutes the tire came off. Next surprise was the excuse for a tire that I found in the car. It was half the size as the original tire, and of the kind that will last until you reach the nearest gas station. It was clear that I would have to mind the speed, as I was afraid the wheel would come off in every curve. Cars were piling up behind me, and I decided to stay with the speed limit. It was not an enjoyable drive.

As I had a plane to catch, I figured I needed to change or fix the tire. I tried to find a workshop that was open on a Sunday. In this part of Norway, imaginary signs like "next gas" would read 100Km. On Sundays. But I got lucky and managed to get in touch with a rescue service in Grong, 120Km further down the road. I was counting every kilometer. In Grong, the tire proved impossible to repair, and I had to buy a new tire. After paying NOK 1600,- for a new tire and work, this new way of traveling lost its glory. And when the rental guy at the airport said I needed to buy the same *brand*, the day was sort of ruined. I told him I had to reach a flight, and no thanks to them, I could barely reach it. If they could have just put a *normal* spare tire in the car, things would have been far easier. But in any case, this hike had its "features", and will be remembered.

Pictures from the July 26 2003 hike:

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Finally across the evil river (135KB) View towards the trailhead (193KB) Finding the route to the high ridge (195KB) On the ridge to point 995m (117KB) Another view towards the trailhead (276KB) The ridge route ahead (298KB) Below Kromtinden (164KB) Trailhead seen from Kromtinden (187KB) First view towards Tosenfjorden (317KB) Lake 286m Kromtinden, seen on the way to 1014m (170KB) Rismaalstinden seen from 1014m (257KB) Troll by lake 902m (93KB) Point 1014m seen from Rismaalstinden (178KB) Lake n. Jordbruvatnet (150KB) Summit view from Rismaalstinden (403KB) Close-up of Breidvasstinden, seen from Rismaalstinden (273KB) Troll on Rismaalstinden (169KB) Summit view from Rismaalstinden (300KB) de syv sostre, seen from Rismaalstinden (89KB) Heilhornet seen from Rismaalstinden (170KB) Borgefjell seen from Rismaalstinden (265KB) Actress at large (63KB) Rismaalstinden and lake 902m (170KB) Unknown mountain in the distant (137KB) The pass between 1014m and Kromtinden (216KB) Troll below Kromtinden (156KB) Troll on Kromtinden (127KB) The route up, seen from the trailhead (161KB) Rismaalstinden seen from Tosenfjorden (95KB) The route up the mountain (the next day) (95KB)

Pictures from other hikes

1. Zoom view from Nordre Snøfjellet

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