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Rivjehornet, Mar 7 2009

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The route

The route
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I had just ascended Tarvaldsegga and enjoyed a fat lunch at Selje, which gave me enough energy to continue hiking on Stadlandet. Rivjehornet was the next top on my list - a top that I had been wanting to do for quite some time. As I approached Borgundvågen, I asked a senior citizen (who was out walking) if he knew any routes up the mountain. "There are none", he said. "Really?", I replied, having a hard time believing that. "I've never been up there, he said". After concluding that this logic was too difficult for me to comprehend, I decided to try my luck closer to the mountain.

I rang the doorbells on 4 houses that were closer to the mountain, but no one answered. Then I saw a guy outside a house, and I asked him if there were any paths up the mountain. He knew a number of routes, and told me that a marked path was just down the road. Excellent!   

Cat fight in the sky

Cat fight in the sky
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I left the trailhead 12:48pm and witnessed a fun scene up in the sky. A flock of ravens were chasing an eagle - even flying in circles around it, while the eagle - arrogantly - just glided away. What a sight! When the ravens finally disappeared, the eagle came back, unaffected. Mighty!

The 400 vertical meters to Rivjehornet were quite easy, and I arrived on the top 1:26pm, 38 minutes after heading out. I looked down the northeast ridge and saw nothing much except for the fjord. And a flock of sheep, of course...


The shore, north of Rivjehornet

The shore, north of Rivjehornet
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I didn't stay long on the summit. It was very windy. I headed back the same route and was back at the trailhead 1:53pm, and started preparing for a visit Kjerringa/Vestkapp. But on my way towards Kjerringa, I ended up on Dalskarhornet (449m) first.


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6.

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To the Rivjehornet trailhead

0. Trip tracks 1. Rivjehornet 2. Store Krokhornet and Nystøylhornet 3. Dalskarhornet - visited after Rivjehornet 4. The route to Rivjehornet 5. Rivjehornet trailhead

To Rivjehornet

6. View up the mountain. A gate is ahead 7. Raven vs. eagle. Eagle wins.. 8. Vanylven tops 9. Eagle has returned. No ravens 10. Store Krokhornet 11. Borgundvåg 12. The summit is ahead 13. Rivjehornet summit

Wide-angle view from Rivjehornet

14. Wide-angle view from Rivjehornet

Zoom views from Rivjehornet

15. 85mm zoom view from Rivjehornet 16. 85mm zoom view from Rivjehornet 17. 56mm zoom view from Rivjehornet

Other pics from Rivjehornet

18. The north shore 19. View down the northeast ridge 20. Tarvaldsegga seen from Rivjehornet

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