Norwegian Mountains, M°re og Romsdal

Rjňhornet on foot, Mar 23 2007

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Goodbye winter, hello spring. Forgotten are all the rainy hikes this winter. A high pressure was moving in across Norway, and I would be out to enjoy it. I worked in Ulsteinvik this Friday, and decided to visit Rjňhornet after work. I didn't have a clear perception about the amount of snow, and brought snowshoes as back up.

I found the Moldtugarden trailhead right away, and the dog (Troll) and I were on our way 15:25PM. A wet path discouraged Troll from walking, and he entered the packpack. Once on the ridge to Bakkehornet, I got Rjňhornet in view. The southeast ridge didn't hold too much snow, and I decided to leave the snowshoes next to a rock.

The ascent up the mountain was uneventful. A few places, I had to walk in deep snow, but that was a mere detail. In front of the final hill, Troll volunteered to walk, and he seemed to enjoy the firm snow with only a thin layer of wet snow on top.

We reached the top 16:50PM, and were rewarded with a tremendous view. Of course, the dog gave a rats' ass about the views, but I didn't. Taking good pictures from the summit involved moving from one point to another, because of the ugly building (and all its wires) on top.

Upon descent, Troll surprised me by going -full pace- down the upper hill, and the distance was 300 meters when he stopped. He seemed surprised not to find me there. Old dogs can show odd behavior sometimes. Troll walked all the way down, but had to work hard in the wet snow. He seemed OK when I put him in the passenger seat 17:55PM, but when he entered the house later in the evening, he was limping. Strange...

Pictures from the Mar 23 2007 trip

To Rjňhornet

1. The trailhead (260KB) 2. Go through this gate (485KB) 3. On a rocky path (304KB) 4. The route from Bakkehornet (633kB) 5. Looking down on my ascent route (455KB) 6. Buddy Troll is trailing along (206KB) 7. Soon there (185KB)

Wide-angle views from two locations on top

8. Wide-angle view from Rjňhornet (855KB) 9. Wide-angle view from Rjňhornet (1124KB)

50mm views from two locations on top

10. 50mm view from Rjňhornet (1977KB) 11. 50mm view from Rjňhornet (2423KB)

Medium zoom views from Rjňhornet

12. Zoom view from Rjňhornet (1917KB) 13. Zoom view from Rjňhornet (1519KB) 14. Zoom view from Rjňhornet (1669KB) 15. Zoom view from Rjňhornet (720KB)

Full zoom views from Rjňhornet

16. Zoom view from Rjňhornet (1081KB) 17. Zoom view from Rjňhornet (737KB) 18. Zoom view from Rjňhornet (1445KB)


19. Lightweight buddy (362KB) 20. Troll on Rjňhornet (166KB) 21. Race track dachshund (102KB) 22. When will he stop? (197KB) 23. Liadalsnipa (417KB) 24. Eggja and Liadalsnipa (186KB)

Bonus, back in ┼lesund

25. Sukkertoppen in sunset (80KB)

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