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Rødlandstua w/Torill & Inka, May 12 2008

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May 8 2008 ..

was the day Torill & Inka visited Rødlandstua for the first time. Not bad, given the fact that Torill lives as far as 9,8Km east of the summit

In any case, they were here now, with me and my dog Troll. We hiked up from the Brusdalsvatnet side and the weather was just fine.

Up in the forest, the sergeant devil in me woke up, and I commanded Torill up in a tree. Not a very tall tree, but OTOH, nothing like a bush. Being on a steep hillside, the fall would be longer than the climb. On past trips, and with good intentions, I had commanded her to climb cliffs, jump rivers, balance on rocks, etc., etc. It's a true miracle that she still wants to hike with me. Her patience seems to be of the endless sort.

As Rødlandstua is a gentle forest top, I assumed her guard was down. And when I presented the tree challenge, I expected the following to happen; Torill would, after the initial shock, observe,  analyze, consider, reconsider, give me the "you're pushing it.." look and finally, climb the damned thing. Not so. She just climbed it. In an instant, like a cat, and with this clever smile on her face.

Torill's school was definitely out, and the joke was on me now. My turn. The tree was swaying and squeeking sounds increased proportionally to my elevation above ground. I realised I didn't like trees and concluded I should try to follow some of my own classes..

On top, we were blessed with a brilliant sunset. A storm of black flies should confirm that winter was over, but 10 days later, there was a new snowfall. It must be very confusing to be an insect in this day and age of climate changes... 


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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Rødlandstua pics

1. Torill climbs a tree 2. Rays from the sky 3. Nice horizon 4. On top of Rødlandstua 5. The Ålesund region 6. Sunset in progress 7. A nice glow 8. The sun is a fireball

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