Norwegian Mountains, Oppland/Hedmark

Storronden from Rondvassbu, Aug 1998

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The routes from Rondvassbu

The routes from Rondvassbu
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This was first autumn hike for Bjørn and me. In the coming years, we did several other peaks in Jotunheimen and Colorado. We made this a day-hike, leaving Oslo early morning. We brought two bikes to shorten the time from Spranget to Rondvassbu. The rain was pouring down, and Rondvassbu was barely below the fog. I realized there would be nothing good about this trip, except for "collecting" the peak.

We left the bikes at Rondvassbu, and headed up the trail. Bjørn keeps an incredible pace even if he doesn't do a lot of walking in the mountain. Me on the other hand, had a serious lack of pace. It was hard to keep up with him, and I quickly became exhausted.

Above 1600m, a strong wind and hail made things even worse, and I wanted to turn around. Bjørn explained that turning around was simply not an option. I just would have to suffer and endure. I was very happy when I reached the top, but felt cheated out for the views. We could only imagine the large amphitheatre 600m below us.

There was nothing bad about the hike down, even the weather was the same. After a short break at Rondvassbu, we rode our bikes back to the car. And 4 hours later, we were back Oslo. A long day-hike had come to its end. Other Oppland mountains Other Norwegian mountains