Norwegian Mountains, M°re og Romsdal

Rundebranden - Dec 25 2012

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Here's a few pictures from today's trip to Runde and Rundebranden (294m). This top marks the high point so far in Fryd and Karma's mountain careers. They are only three months old and we have to hold them back to avoid possible injuries in the future. s

Once we had crossed the bridge, we noticed an eagle sitting down by the beach. What a nice start to the trip!


Eagle on Runde

Eagle on Runde
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 60D + Canon EF-S 18-200mm 3.5-5.6 IS


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Pictures from the trip

1. The eagle 2. The eagle 3. The eagle 4. The eagle 5. The eagle 6. The eagle 7. The eagle 8. Goks°yr 9. At Goks°yr 10. Ocean view 11. Dogs at large 12. Karma 13. Approaching Kaldekloven 14. To Rundebranden 15. Anne and Karma on Rundebranden 16. Rundebranden panoram 17. Ocean view 18. Descent 19. Moon above Goaldet 20. Anne supports the moon 21. Ocean view 22. Ocean view

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