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Rundebranden, Sandshornet & Runde Fyr, Jan 1 2009

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On the 1st day of 2009, I was on my way to meet a fellow hiker at Fiskå. The plan was to ascend Storebøra (789m) - the highest peak on the peninsula north between Syvdseidet and Hallefjorden. The weather wasn't supposed to be good at all, and I wondered how the drive would be. Would the roads have been plowed? Typically, I didn't give the mountain and the bad weather much thought. I was concerned about the roads..

I left home 10am on a road that had not been plowed - recently. But then my fellow hiker called. Something had come up, and we had to cancel. As I was already outdoors, I decided to drive to Runde and visit the last main top on my Herøy list - Rundebranden.  The road to Fosnavåg and Runde was definitely not plowed either, and the snow kept falling.

The trail from Goksøyr to Rundebranden

The trail from Goksøyr to Rundebranden
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Things were different on Runde. It wasn't snowing much, and not much snow had fallen either. I drove to Goksøyr and parked, after having located the mountain trail. I had never been to Goksøyr before, and found the place quite scenic. I headed up the mountain and met two hikers on their way down. They had been spending New Year's Eve (along with others) at Runde Fyr.

I reached the top of Rundebranden 11:50AM, 45 minutes after leaving the trailhead. It was really cool to walk along the cliffs, approx. 300m above the sea.

Wondering where to go next, the choice fell on Runde Fyr. I headed across Storehaugen before descending on a good trail (there is a sign saying the trail is not good..) down to the lighthouse. I didn't feel any need to go into the building (external link) owned by DNT, and took pictures of some cool waves instead. On my way up, I met a guy who told me everything I should know about Runde Fyr.

Runde Fyr

Runde Fyr
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12:55pm, I passed Rundebranden again, and set course for Sandshornet. I was struck by the amount of trails on this island. Not too strange, given the amount of visitors in the summer season. I need to come back here for some cool puffin pics. Possibly the coolest bird I know, after the white-tailed eagle.

I reached Sandshornet 1:15pm, after moving about in some awkward terrain south of the top. A ladder caught my attention, and I climbed down it. But I never found out if I was meant to find a path down there, and I ended up in a major boulder field before getting back on the ridge.  

Looking for boulder challenges?

Looking for boulder challenges?
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The showers I had been watching out in the ocean had finally hit land, and the walk wasn't so pleasant anymore. I continued towards Frøystolen before breaking away off-trail down to Litlevatnet, where I followed a trail back to Goksøyr. I was back at the car 2pm and drove back to Gurskøya. And the roads still hadn't been plowed. Public holiday or not, I was not impressed.


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To Goksøyr

1. Nerlandsøya 2. Entering Runde 3. Photo session on the bridge 4. Søre Handfangen 5. Nørdre Handfangen 6. Goksøyr and the mountain trail 7. Weather day 8. Goksøyr, at end of the road 9. Parking area, just before Goksøyr 10. From information board at Goksøyr 11. Showers hitting Hareidlandet

To Rundebranden

0. Trip tracks 12. The mountain trail 13. Trail info 14. Shower out in the sea 15. Hello Raven 16. On the trail 17. Big clouds 18. A trail junction 19. Skolma on Hareidlandet 20. Søre Handfangen 21. On Rundebranden

Views from Rundebranden

22. Wide-angle view from Rundebranden 23. 85mm zoom view from Rundebranden 24. 85mm zoom view from Rundebranden

To Runde Fyr

25. Towards Storehaugen 26. Shower at sea 27. These guys came my way 28. Runde cliffs 29. Runde cliffs 30. Runde Fyr comes into view 31. Runde Fyr 32. Waves 33. Waves 34. Waves 35. Where I came down

To Sandshornet

36. Rundebranden 37. Sandshornet 38. Info. Hard to read 39. The shore 40. Serious cliffs 41. A pointy thing below Sandshornet 42. Raven - about to take off 43. Ladder below Sandshornet 44. Below Sandshornet 45. On Sandshornet

Frøystolen & descent

46. Frøystolen 47. Rundebranden 48. More showers 49. Approaching Frøystolen 50. Sandshornet 51. Seagull at Goksøyr 52. Ocean view 53. Leaving Runde 54. Red sky (seen from Gurskøya)

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