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Søre Handfangen (168m), Apr 8 2009

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Søre Handfangen is a modest hump on Runde island, and probably ignored by most visitors (who are interested in cliffs and birds), but Søre Handfangen is the only top in Herøy county that requires scrambling on the easiest route, unless you choose to ascend via a steep slope with a mix of boulder and bush.


Søre Handfangen

Søre Handfangen
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I like this top a lot, and on this Wednesday afternoon before Easter, my colleague Vidar and I decided to pay this top a visit. Vidar is on a mission to visit all of Herøy's tops in 2009, and today he would be "ticking off" Søre Handfangen. I'm surrounded by mountain top collectors at work. It's just crazy ..



Runde is nice, all year around

Runde is nice, all year around
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We followed the path that crosses Varden's west ridge and continues towards Sandshornet and Rundebranden. Once on this ridge, we turned to the west and descended into the gap between Varden and Søre Handfangen. 

Just below the top of Søre Handfangen, we had to scramble a cliff. We checked out various spots for this scramble, and ended up with the route I followed upon my first visit in 2006. And within a few minutes, we stood on top and enjoyed mighty fine coastal scenery.


Runde island

Runde island
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After a pleasant stay on top, we headed down a steep gully with bush on top and boulder further down. This is surely the technically (no scrambling) easiest route to Søre Handfangen, but my oh my, it's an aggravating route...



The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To Søre Handfangen

1. Søre Handfangen 2. The routes 3. Above Søre Handfangen 4. On the way to Søre Handfangen 5. The crux 6. Surely a bird nose? 7. On the way to Søre Handfangen 8. Checking out an alternative ascent route 9. Sticking with the good old route 10. On top of Søre Handfangen

On Søre Handfangen + descent

11. Runde island 12. Vidar - the bright guy 13. Hareidlandet tops 14. Barmen and Muletua on Nerlandsøya 15. Rundebranden 16. Descending 17. Back down

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