Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Søre Handfangen (168m) traverse, Sep 27 2010

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The Søre Handfangen traverse

The Søre Handfangen traverse
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Søre Handfangen is one of my favourite tops in Herøy. Today I wanted to see if I could find a route along the coast, and then up. I drove the road to Storevika as far as I could, then followed a vague path to the west. At Storevika, I had to ascend a bit before I could scramble the boulder down to the bay. From here, an obvious (read: the only) route took me up to Søre Handfangen. There were sheep tracks everywhere. No section of the route was particularly difficult, although a section above Storevika may seem a bit airy.

I ran into a small flock of sheep met me on the top, and I think we were equally spooked. I continued across the top and descended into the gap between Søre Handfangen and Varden's west ridge. Then I followed the public trail down to the road. The 2,5km round trip took 1,5 hours. 30 minutes should be subtracted for photo sessions and a nice talk with 3 persons along the road.


A pleasant end to the day

A pleasant end to the day
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 550D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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The round trip

0. Trip tracks 1. An eager beaver... 2. The bridge to Nerlandsøya 3. The bridge to Remøy 4. Søre Handfangen 5. The bridge to Runde 6. Sunnmøre alps 7. Barmen on Nerlandsøya 8. The route from Storevika 9. Some fun scrambling down by the sea 10. The sun is setting 11. A hole caught my attention 12. Svinøya 13. Cliffs 14. Not a place for my rubber boat 15. The top of Søre Handfangen 16. Rundebranden 17. Deep colors 18. The Runde plateau 19. Sunset, part I 20. Sunset, part II 21. Søre Handfangen locals 22. Mosquitos 23. The route ahead 24. Søre Handfangen 25. Moonlight 26. Nerlandsøya 27. Søre Handfangen

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