Sætrelifjellet, 628m

Mountain area : Masfjordfjellene
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Masfjorden
Maps : 1216-IV Matre (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: 138m
Hiked : Dec 2002
See Also : Blåfjellet
See Also : Austrebotnsrusti
See also : Svartetjørnfjellet



Sætrelifjellet is quite an insignificant hump, located in the pass between Haukelandsdalen and Romarheimsdalen valleys, with higer mountains all around. However, Sætrelifjellet has a primary factor of 138m (towards Høgefjellet) and must be considered a mountain.

This area is quite popular for both hiking and skiing. For skiers, the access up to the mountains is quite steep, but once up, one can go skiing the whole day and more. Sætrelfjellet is probably less visited, as it is near impossible to access on skis, and cumbersome on foot. This is due to the forest that runs near all the way to the summit. In addition, the south side (which is the natural access point) is quite steep. A Red Cross hut is located below the mountain, as well as a (winter closed) goat cheese farm.

Trail descriptions:

Note: Class ratings are in reference to YDS (Yosemite Decimal System).

The route described below is a direct winter ascent from the Red Cross hut, and is defined to be class 2. Further difficulties are introduced when everything is icy.

Red Cross hut - Sætrelifjellet (winter)

Difficulty : Class 2
Comments : See description above
Distance :
Time : 30min-1 hour to the summit
Starting Elev.: Approx. 420m

Map of the area
Map of the area


From Bergen, follow E39 north. Pass Nordhordalandsbrua bridge about 30 minutes north of Bergen. Current toll fee is NOK 45,- for passenger cars. Go through the Eikefet tunnel and drive up the long Romarheimsdalen valley. From the highest point in this valley, start descending into the Haukelandsdalen valley. On your left (before you see lake Storevatnet on your right), find parking near the Red Cross hut, located under Sætrelifjellet.

The route

Head towards the building to the left of the Red Cross hut, and continue to the top of the pass in Tjørndalen valley (between Sætrelifjellet and Høgefjellet). From the top of the pass, head straight up Sætrelifjellet (on your right) and follow the terrain you are comfortable with. When you start hiking/ climbing up the mountain, it is advisable to leave footprints in the snow, so the descent gets easier. The terrain looks different, looking from above. The summit comes sudden, and is marked by a standing rock.

Trip report Dec 1 2002

As we drove from Glennefjellet, Troll transformed into the "it's been a long day - I'll sleep now" position. In disbelief, he witnessed his owner park the car 10 minutes later, getting ready for another hike. I decided to let him ride the backpack, as Sætrelifjellet looked quite steep and cumbersome.

I passed the two cabins and headed to the top of Tjørndalen valley (the pass between Sætrelifjellet and Høgefjellet) before I headed up the mountain. I followed deep snow, wherever possible, in order to avoid looking for the trail on my way down. The hillside was quite steep, and on several occasions, both the ice axe and bushes were needed in order to advance. The ice on the ground added another dimension to climb.

Inspite of the slow progress, we reached the summit within 30 minutes. The summit appeared quite sudden, and we could enjoy the great view towards Glennefjellet, which we summited a couple of hours earlier. I told Troll to walk down, but he gave me the "yeah! right..." look, and entered the packpack. The descent was quite spectacular. Twice, I slipped on the steep parts and slided several meters down the hillside. The only danger to this was sliding over some sharp rock. Troll was especially annoyed with this form of hiking and complained loud from the backpack. Back at the car, I was quite happy to have done this steep hump once and for all.

Pictures from the Dec 1 2002 hike:

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Rode Kors Hytten and Saeterlifjellet (172KB) Climbing up the steep south side (286KB) Glennefjellet and adjacent mountains (387KB) Saeterlifjellet summit (187KB) West view from Saeterlifjellet (403KB) The neighbour Hogefjellet (173KB) Austrebotnsrusti and highway E39 (277KB)

Pictures from the other hikes:

Saetrelifjellet seen from Svartetjornfjellet (107KB)

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