Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Skjonghelleren, Mar 18 2007

This walk is described as route #3 on the Signalen main page

Pictures from the Mar 18 2007 visit

I joined my colleague Terje and his family for this trip to Skjonghellaren. I visited this cave back in June 2006, thinking I still had a while to go before I reached the end of the cave. This wasn't the case. The cave wasn't any deeper, but it was still a nice walk with friends. Afterwards, Terje and I had a great trip up to Lesten via the "Lestagjølet" gully.

1. On the way to Skjonghellaren (297KB) 2. The kids educate themselves (410KB) 3. The cave entrance (405KB) 4. Up the rocky path (393KB) 5. Entering the cave (337KB) 6. Inside the cave (319KB) 7. Andrine heading for the mailbox (314KB) 8. OK, now what? (308KB) 9. As far as it gets (289KB) 10. Next stop: Godøya (174KB)

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