Skåla seen from other mountains

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Skaala seen from Eidskyrkja (P. Bjorstad) (119KB) Skaala, Loen (97KB) Skaala - a very cool mountain above Loen (171KB) South view from Hornindalsrokken - 300mm zoom (1226KB) Zoom panorama from Saudehornet (Skårasalen and Lodalskåpa) (676KB) 50mm view from Brenibba, part 1/3 (1450KB) Jostedalsbreen (649KB) Hellesylt to Jostedalsbreen (623KB) Zoom view from Lille Brekketind (1364KB) Tindefjellbreen (703KB) 50mm view from Lodalskåpa, part 1/3 (1747KB) 85mm zoom view from Kvitegga Skåla above Loen Skåla, Loen Skåla, Loen 85mm zoom view from Kvitegga, part 1 of 4 Bings Gryte - Jostedalsbreen Above Jostedalsbreen Above Jostedalsbreen Above Jostedalsbreen Above Jostedalsbreen Above Jostedalsbreen View towards Jostedalebreen Tindefjella Havaldetreet Skåla Storskredfjellet Leaving Loen Skåla Skålatårnet Zoom view from Storskredfjellet Zoom view from Storskredfjellet Wide-angle view from Storskredfjellet At Alexandra - the day before the hike The fog lifts on Skåla Skåla and the sherpa base-camp Storskredfjellet, Skåla and Lodalskåpa Storskredfjellet and Skåla Lodalen Above Skåla, Loen Zoom view from Dunheia Zoom view from Svartegga Zoom view from Snønipa Zoom view from Snønipa Skåla Skåla and Rongjuvnibba

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