Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Røddalshorn east top, Mar 14 2010

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Bad weather at the Leikongidet trailhead

Bad weather at the Leikongidet trailhead
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An acing foot made me promise myself to rest this Sunday. I stayed true to this promise until 4pm when Anne and I just got too restless. Surely it would be possible to do a light ski-trip without causing more damage to the inflammated foot? Røddalshorn was an obvious candidate. It's only 2,5km and 400 vertical meters up to the summit, and there would almost guaranteed be tracks up to the Røddalshorn - Sollia saddle. And with light skis and boots, the effort would be "minimal".

Snow showers were roaming all over the Sunnmøre region, and we headed out in the middle of one. I argued that this was a good thing, as the shower would pass when we reached the top. As we headed up the hillside, I prayed that I would be right, because we could barely see the tip of our skis. Even though the wind wasn't terrible, I concluded that we were skiing in bad weather.

To our delight, the shower passed as we reached the saddle, and we had a nice ascent up to Røddalshorn. The summit was reached 1h:05m after heading out.


Approaching the summit

Approaching the summit
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Normally, I don't to Telemark well with just regular mountain skis and leather boots. But there was enough snow to turn the descent into a memorable one. And the smile on Anne's face told me that she had a nice time too - well worth suffering the aggravating weather upon ascent. And - the foot felt altogether better...


Descending Røddalshorn

Descending Røddalshorn
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6 

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Molde-Vestnes ferry, earlier in the day

1. Seilet hotel, Molde 2. Ytestetinden and Trolltinden 3. Melen above Fiksdal 4. Blåskjerdingen 5. Otrøya 6. Heggdalshornet, Otrøya 7. Rekdalshesten

To Røddalshorn

8. Leikongeidet trailhead 9. Snow shower is passing 10. Approaching the top 11. The final yards 12. Anne on top 13. Snowdrift 14. Anne on Røddalshorn 15. Me on Røddalshorn 16. Photo session 17. The west top

Wide-angle view from Røddalshorn

18. Wide-angle view from Røddalshorn

Descending Røddalshorn

19. Leaving the summit 20. Nice background 21. Nice winter landscape 22. Just plain fun 23. Good style 24. Most excellent snow! 25. Fjord view 26. Deep snow at times 27. Back at the trailhead

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