Storevasseggi, 1044m
Sørdalseggene, 1027m/1014m

Mountain area : Stølsheimen
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Masfjorden
Map : 1216-IV Matre (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: 174m
Hiked : Sep 1999
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Storevasseggi summit (228KB)

Storevasseggi summit


Storevasseggi is the highest mountain in Masfjorden, and is easily accessible in summer from lake Svartavatnet dam. It is however not the highest rock point in Masfjorden, as the Hordaland/Sogn and Fjordane border on Årsdalsryggen is approx. 1070m.

Trail descriptions:

Svartavatnet dam - Storevasseggi - Sørdalseggene trail

Difficulty : Intermediate
Risk : Low
Distance :
Time : 5-7 hours round-trip
Starting Elev.: Approx. 780m
Map of Storevasseggi

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Follow highway E39 from Bergen north towards the Sognefjord. At the northern end of Romarheimsdalen valley, shortly after you've passed the highest point, exit to the right at lake Storevatnet. Continue on a service road and pass lake Storevatnet, lake Godbotnsvatnet and lake Øvre Storevatnet. Park by the Svartavatn dam.

The trail:

This description also includes access to Sørdalseggene, nearby Storevasseggi. Since you've come all this way, you might just as well do some additional nearby peaks.

From the dam, head north-east 5 minutes along the road towards a service cabin. Turn north-west and walk towards and across point 1001 and then towards Storevasseggi summit. You have to do some discovery on your own to find a route down the mountain that feels safe. The map does not indicate any steep terrain, but when wet, parts of the mountain side should be avoided.

From Storevasseggi, walk south-west towards N. Sørdalseggi (1027m) and follow the ridge towards S. Sørdalseggi (1014m). If you look around, you should find plenty of places to descend. Head towards the Øvre Storavatnet dam. When you get to the lake, cross the south-western arm on the middle. Follow the service road back to Svartavatn dam.


This is nothing but a long walk, and the walk from lake Storavatnet to Svartavatnet could feel terribly long, after the walk over the mountains.

You might find trails here and there, but I did not rely on trails for this hike.

Various Pictures:

A good view towards Storevasseggi from Vellevasseggi (229KB) Northwest Stolsheimen (1217KB) Skarpefjellet summit views (1218KB) Stoelsheimen panorama from Austrefjellet. Part 2/2 (529KB) Brydalsfjellet summit panorama (50mm, part 2/2) (1498KB) View from Blåfjellet, 816m (1329KB)

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