Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Urfjellet from Reme, May 5 2006

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The plan was to visit Urfjellet when I visited Storfjellet and Hellandshornet earlier this spring. But due to cold winds, I left Urfjellet undone and decided to come back via a different route.

I had not looked at the map (I should have) before I headed out. I had a vague idea about hiking from the entrance of southernmost tunnel before Brattvåg, and parked there. I stopped a biker, who suggested that I drove down to Reme and hiked from there.

So I did, and learned that there was a forest road that would take me up to Remefjellet and a path that would take me up to Urfjellet. On this extrememely hot day, the dog and I left the trailhead 16:30PM. I enjoyed the forest path very much. The sense of warm spring and with the outlook to snow on top of the mountain, felt good. The mountain path from the forest path was easy to find. Troll's pace was reducing by the minute, but after a break for water, he was able to move on.

On top of Remefjellet, I came across grouse with a strange behaviour. They took off when I was 1 meter away (I didn't see them until they scared the daylights out of me), but only moved a short distance. They were watching me very carefully and maintained the necessary distance. Perhaps they were protecting their nest. I decided to leave the birds in peace and headed up to Urfjellet. I carried Troll across the rotten snow at the bottom and let him work for his lunch from halfway up the hill.

We arrived the top 18:20PM, and I was surprised how narrow the top was (due to the remaining cornice). It was steep on both sides, but not truly airy. Still, I kept a very close eye on the dog. The north side of the mountain seemed steep, but there were rocks on the south side, and that's where we sat down. The panorama from this top is outstanding, and I recommend it to everyone. Infact, I recommended it immediately to my neighbours, who went up the mountain a couple of days later. And they did not regret.

This was certainly one of the best evening hikes so far in 2006. We were back at the trailhead 19:30PM and it felt *wrong* to leave the mountain on such a gorgeous day.

Pictures from the May 5 2006 trip

Note:: Varying picture quality due to broken auto-focus.

Map: I followed route 3 on this trip

0. Route 3 from Reme

To Remefjellet

1. The Reme trailhead (243KB) 2. On the forest road (396KB) 3. Broken cliff area (316KB) 4. About to enter the path (224KB) 5. Hunting shack (282KB)

To Urfjellet

6. Towards Remeheia (326KB) 7. Hunting shack (169KB) 8. Stealth bird (40KB) 9. Reme trailhead (279KB) 10. The forest road (271KB) 11. Urfjellet comes into view (303KB) 12. Grouse on Remeheia (150KB) 13. Grouse on Remeheia (142KB) 14. Grouse on Remeheia (152KB) 15. The final hill (203KB) 16. Troll understands that the top is near (273KB) 17. There is always time for play (204KB) 18. Arriving the summit (142KB)

360 deg. wide-angle panorama

19. 360 deg. wide-angle panorama from Urfjellet (793KB)

50mm panoramas

20. Storfjellet seen from Urfjellet (649KB) 21. 50mm panorama from Urfjellet (1277KB)

Zoom views

22. Zoom panorama from Urfjellet (1377KB) 23. Zoom panorama from Urfjellet (1295KB)


24. Troll on Remeheia (204KB)

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