Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Øygardsheia from Slyngstad, June 3 2006

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Trip notes, June 3 2006

What a miserable, miserable Saturday. The rain was pouring down and the clouds hung low down on the mountains. But since I had "saved" Øygardsheia for a rainy day, there was no excuse to stay indoors. It wasn't critical that I visited Øygardsheia in good weather, as I already had "tons" of pictures from this region.

I didn't except the rainy drive to Haram to be especially eventful. There was a police traffic control, but I didn't get stopped. I almost wished I had been. Then I ended up behind a lady who kept 80Km/h as long as the road went straight ahead (it was a 80Km/h zone) but dropped down to 60 every time there was a *slight* curve. I could have passed, but decided to work on my patience. I have found a good method; I firmly place my back well into the seat. This is both good for patience and for the back's muscular system.

I arrived at the Slyngstad trailhead as a re-born person. And GGMM, it had stopped raining! ON TOP OF THIS, my dog "Troll" seemed to agree to walk. Initially, he didn't, but I tried on a good old, yet demanding concept; enthusiasm. With cheers, whistles and gestures, I finally got the dog to wiggle his tail and move slowly up the road. If people watched me from distance, they might have been thinking that I tried to scare off a bear or practicing support for my favorite soccer team.

We arrived Remefjellet dry and with good spirit, but then a rainshower of the serious sort came along. And it brought a cold wind with it. I don't have any rain gear in my wardrobe, but had brought along a poncho that my mom gave me once upon a time. I had worn the poncho once before. On Mt. Ulriken in winds of gale force. The winds came sweeping in from below and lifted the poncho, making me look like a funnel with legs. Next, the wind unbuttoned the poncho and before the hike turned into a Steve Martin movie, I took the damned thing off. But I didn't excpect strong winds on Øygardsheia, so I gave it one more chance.

I put Troll and the camera in the backpack and headed off-trail towards Øygardsheia. 3 minutes before entring the summit, it stopped raining. The dog was shivering, and I found some shelter for him while I took a few pictures. I put him back in the backpack and headed down the northeast ridge. Then it began raining again. We left the trailhead 13:20PM, reached the top 14:15PM and were back at the trailhead 14:55PM. I washed the dog in the nearby creek (he was thrilled about getting clean, of course) before heading back to Ålesund.

Pictures from the June 3 2006 trip

1. The trailhead (280KB) 2. On the forest road to Remefjellet (383KB) 3. On Remefjellet (221KB) 4. On Øygardsheia (230KB) 5. Shelter for the dog (348KB) 6. 360 deg. wide-angle panorama from Øygardsheia (780KB) 7. Grytafjorden (306KB) 8. My descent route (225KB)

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