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Storskredfjellet from Åning, Aug 7 2010

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This weekend was dedicated to the Nordfjord region, and little did Anne and I know what we had in store when we checked into Hotel Alexandra on a rainy Friday afternoon. Given the weather forecast, any hike would be a bonus. We certainly did not expect to get Storskredfjellet on Saturday and Kattanakken on Sunday - in gorgeous weather.

I had never been to Alexandra before, so it was high time. That said, I've never been very addictive to luxury. Enough beer and an internet uplink is more than satisfactory. Anne suggested a swim before dinner. I'm not addictive to pools either, but the outdoors pool was quite OK...

After a huge dinner (buffet), it was time for some rounds of billiard (eight-ball) and table tennis. Now, that's more my kind of thing. After a very enjoyable evening, it was time for a beer in our room - which I pretended was a suite. We watched the rain fade away and the fog lift, while sending a warm thought to the sherpas at 900 metres -  performing wonders on the trail to Skålatårnet. I've been to Skåla before, but as Skålastien is Anne's project, I am going to revisit this mountain. 


Skåla - and the sherpa base-camp

Skåla - and the sherpa base-camp
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The next morning, we woke up to thick fog. Fortunately, the fog was lifting, and it was lifting fast. Our tentative plan which involved Storskredfjellet was now a real plan. We decided to follow the route that Anne described in her Opptur Sogn og Fjordane book.

We drove up to the Åning farm - 250 meters above Strynevatnet, and parked after paying the fee. Jon Åning - The farm owner - came out and explained the route in detail. Anne and Jon recognized each other, having met some years earlier. 11:17am, we were on our way to Storskredfjellet - a mountain that I've had on my to-do list for years. Below the tree line, it can pay off to watch the flowers. And once in a while, one can get a really good picture...


Flora and fauna in one

Flora and fauna in one
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Jon's directions - many and accurate as they were - weren't easy to remember, but the path was easy to follow and the route was kind of obvious. Especially after passing 1000m. The views got more and more interesting by the minute. I paid special attention to the Breifonna glacier, the Nesjehyrna satellite peak, the Storskredfjellet west ridge, the green Strynevatnet, the Stryn mountains beyond and the Sunnmøre peaks beyond the Stryn peaks. In other words - Omigod landscape...



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We reached the Storskredfjellet summit 2:30pm - 3h:07m after leaving Åning. I had a personal ambition of doing the 1600 vertical meter hike within 3 hours, but there was so much to take pictures of. As Anne had left her car at Hotel Alexandra, we had a golden opportunity of traversing the mountain, but she had left her car keys in my car at Åning...

That didn't matter much to me. The Åning route was absolutely fine for descent - with the beautiful Strynevatnet and surrounding peaks to look at. After moving over to the south side of the summit plateau, I got the entire Skåla - Lodalskåpa route in full view. My thoughts went back to just that trip back in 2002, when I was learning to ski and to become a mountain man. I was definitely not ready for Jostedalsbreen's wrath back then, but after a number of trips up to - and on this glacier, I feel that I've become a Jostedalsbreen friend.


The Skåla - Lodalskåpa route

The Skåla - Lodalskåpa route
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As we had to move our base-camp from Hotel Alexandra to Oldedalen, we had to get going. We descended our ascent route, expect for a short-cut between 1100 and 960 meters. Back at Åning, Jon joined us and we had a nice chat before we returned to Alexandra. Grand as this hike was, the following day was even grander. Make sure to check out the Kattanakken trip report for pictures from one of the most scenic places in Norway...



The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 550D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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At Loen

0. Trip tracks 1. At Alexandra - the day before the hike 2. The fog lifts on Skåla 3. Skåla and the sherpa base-camp 4. Leaving Alexandra

To Instevatnet

5. Hundekjeks - Anthriscus sylvestris - Cow-Parsley, Keck 6. Flora and fauna in one 7. Insect at work 8. Towards Storskredfjellet 9. Revebjelle (rød) - Digitalis purpurea - Foxglove 10. Big thistles! 11. Handy arrows! 12. Towards the river 13. The boulder area - too far! 14. Fosnes 15. Flo 16. Butterfly 17. Grasstjerneblom - Stellaria graminea - Grass-Leaved Chickweed 18. Firkantperikum - Hypericum maculatum - Imperforate St Johns-wort 19. Lake Strynevatnet 20. The Åning farm 21. Skrubbær - Cornaceae suecica - Dwarf Cornel 22. Butterfly 23. Anne and Strynevatnet 24. Åningselva 25. Tyrihjelm - Aconitum septentrionale - Wolfs-bane 26. Along Åningselva 27. View up the mountain 28. A glorious day

To Storskredfjellet

29. The route up the ridge 30. Brekkefjellet and Instevatnet 31. Molte - Rubus chamaemorus - Cloudberry 32. Småbergknapp - Sedum annuum - Annual stonecrop 33. Hestespreng - Cryptogramma crispa - Parsley fern 34. Strynevatnet and surrounding peaks 35. Stolhyrna and Flo 36. Flo 37. Up the ridge 38. View back home 39. Gaining elevation 40. The west ridge 41. Butterfly 42. Along Breifonna 43. Nesjehyrna detail 44. West ride detail 45. Nesjehyrna 46. Nesjehyrna detail 47. Up the ridge 48. Breifonna 49. Breifonna detail 50. In front of the (minor) scrambling section 51. The summit ahead 52. To the summit 53. Anne on Storskredfjellet summit

Wide-angle view from Storskredfjellet

54. Wide-angle view from Storskredfjellet

Zoom views from Storskredfjellet

55. Zoom view from Storskredfjellet 56. Zoom view from Storskredfjellet 57. Zoom view from Storskredfjellet 58. Zoom view from Storskredfjellet

Other pics from Storskredfjellet

59. Havaldetreet and Lodalskåpa 60. Lodalskåpa 61. Nesjehyrna 62. Glacier view from Storskredfjellet 63. Sandvikfjellet 64. Sunnmøre view 65. Kvitegga 66. Me on Storskredfjellet 67. View towards Lodalskåpa 68. Skåla 69. Skålatårnet 70. The neighbour top


71. Breifonna 72. Botnenibba 73. The west ridge 74. Issoleie - Ranunculus glacialis - Glacier buttercup 75. Descending Storskredfjellet 76. A practical walkway 77. h e l p ... 78. Oh yeah! 79. Jumping around 80. Happy as can be 81. A chant at the National Park border 82. Moving on 83. Locals 84. Green lake ahead... 85. Rock face 86. Splendid colors 87. Hjellehyrna 88. Back at Åning

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