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Eidetinden, July 9 2009

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As for most summer holidays, I looked for that something extra, that I can look forward to, and long remember. For the summer of 2009, that extra would be the Strandåtindan traverse. As I'm not psychologically capable of pulling off such a trip all by myself, I chose the guiding services offered by Nordland Turselskap. I used their services on the Stetinden climb in 2007, and the whisper on the street said that "if one can do Stetind, one can also do Strandåtindan". And that's what brought me to Kjerringøy on this fine July Thursday afternoon.

My base-camp for the summer holiday was in Brønnøysund, and once Nordland Turselskap announced that the trip was on for Friday the 10th of July, I took the 532km drive from Brønnøysund to Kjerringøy. I had planned to camp in a tent, but ended up renting a room at Kjerringøy Brygge for two nights. This was a most excellent decision, and I was happy about getting a room on such short notice in the busy tourist season.

As I arrived on Kjerringøy fairly early in the afternoon, I had ample time to visit Eidetinden - the highest peak on the peninsula. I checked into "Bryggen", received the room key and then continued immediately towards the trailhead. 5:40pm, I was on my way to Eidetinden, and the weather was a good as it can get. I reached Låtervatnet after 25 minutes along a good path, and the Strandåtindan massif (my goal for the next day) was breathtaking..


Strandåtindan seen on the way to Eidetinden

Strandåtindan seen on the way to Eidetinden
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From Låtervatnet, I followed a vague path through a small birch forest, then gained a ridge where the path was harder to follow. It didn't really matter. I was above the forest and it was just a matter of moving upwards. I made an effort to stay on the rock (opposed to the grass), as I spend less energy and can keep a better pace.

7:15pm - 1h:35m after leaving the trailhead (and 1000 vertical meters), I arrived on Eidetinden summit and was met by an ocean of peaks in all directions. Holy cow!! The panoramas (below) will speak for themselves. Further adjectives are not necessary. And then I had company..

Eagle above Eidetinden

Eagle above Eidetinden
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After taking pictures, I left Eidetinden 7:30pm. I now made an effort to descend on the grass. The descent went smooth. and I was back at the trailhead exactly one hour after leaving the summit.

Back on "Bryggen", I checked into my room and noticed that this was a most excellent room. Bath, bedroom, living room and also beds upstairs. And a balcony with ocean view! Holy cow!! (again!). Will the good stuff ever end? I had a nice meal down in the restaurant and chatted with the employees for quite a while. The service was impeccable. Finally, it was time to head up to the "suite" and just let the day sink in.

Strandåtinden report can be found here.

Caught up in deep thoughts... Nah - kidding

Caught up in deep thoughts... Nah - kidding
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The first set of pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6.

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To Kjerringøy

1. Crossing the Polar Circle 2. Saltfjellet 3. Something HUGE appears 4. Passing Bodø. Landegode tops 5. Landegode tops 6. Valviktinden 7. Steigtinden 8. Steigtinden 9. Kjerringøy tops 10. Excellent road name 11. Strandåtindan 12. Strandåtindan

To Eidetinden

0. Trip tracks 13. Eidetinden 14. Låter trailhead 15. On the forest path 16. Bridge across Låterelva 17. The route up Eidetinden 18. Seta 19. Beach at Låter 20. On the way up Eidetinden 21. Kaffetinden 22. Strandåtindan 23. Strandåtindan 24. Eidetinden wall 25. Grouse on Eidetinden

Wide-angle views from Eidetinden

26. Wide-angle view from Eidetinden 27. Wide-angle view from Eidetinden

Zoom views from Eidetinden

28. Zoom view from Eidetinden 29. Zoom view from Eidetinden 30. Zoom view from Eidetinden 31. Zoom view from Eidetinden

Other pics from Eidetinden

32. Eagle above Eidetinden 33. Eagle above Eidetinden 34. Husbyviktinden 35. Opplitindan, Kaffetinden and Strandåtindan 36. Strandåtindan 37. Fagertinden, Breidviktinden and Trolltinden 38. Steigtinden and Småtindan 39. Landegode 40. Karlsøyvær 41. Lofoten islands 42. Laukviktinden and Kråktindan 43. Helldalsisen 44. Korsviktinden and Preikstoltinden


45. The Strandåtindan traverse 46. Descending Eidetinden 47. Descending Eidetinden 48. Point 811m and Seta 49. Confused bird at Bryggen 50. Kjerringøy harbor 51. My room at Bryggen 52. Calling it a day

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