Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Sea fog, Aug 3 2006

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On-call duty week, and I'm city bound. That doesn't matter when the sea fog is rolling in, causing spectacular views. I hadn't seen city fog like this since back in Bergen, Dec 2001, when the airport was closed for days.

I wanted to traverse the mountain, and went off-trail from the northeast side. I planned to descend "Trollråsa" (the west ridge), and it would be convenient to have the car on the right side of the mountain.

I carried the dog up the cumbersome, yet quite open forest, until we reached the normal route by the mast. We reached the top approx. 18:30PM and could enjoy the sea of fog that came in from the ocean, reaching to Spjelkavik. I then descended the west ridge with my dog in the backpack and followed the gravel road back to the car, which I found on the third side-road attempt.

To Sukkertoppen

1. The route (337KB) 2. Troll gathering strengths before the hike (342KB) 3. A channel in the forest (423KB) 4. Ski-jump? (385KB) 5. Soon out of the fog (179KB) 6. The summit in view (158KB)

Sukkertoppen views

7. Wide-angle panorama from Sukkertoppen (383KB) 8. Wide-angle panorama from Sukkertoppen (259KB) 9. Sula seen from Sukkertoppen (447KB) 10. Haram mountains seen from Sukkertoppen (394KB) 11. Skopphornet seen from Sukkertoppen (152KB)


12. Leaving the summit (192KB) 13. Heading down the west ridge (176KB) 14. Easy scrambling (281KB) 15. Almost at fog level (188KB) 16. The upper ridge (290KB) 17. Signing in (282KB) 18. Jønshornet seen on the way home (190KB)

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