Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

"Trollråsa" w/Erlend, Aug 10 2006

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Today I had the pleasure of joining my colleague Erlend S. on a fine descent from Sukkertoppen summit to the mailbox at 200m elevation. It would be fair to say that Erlend has little or no experience from airy terrain, and he was naturally a bit excited about learing how steep this - now "famous" - route actually was. Along came my dog - "Troll".

Since the route is techincally quite trivial, I had no doubts that Erlend would do anything but just fine - even if it is airy terrain. I told him to keep a low gravity. Erlend did exactly as he was told, scrambled like a cat and arrived the logbook ledge in fine style.

After relaxing a few minutes by the mailbox, on this BRILLIANT afternoon, we headed back up again. We had a fun off-route variation in scrambling the huge boulders close to the mailbox. I love this mountain more and more. I have found my new Ulriken on Sunnmøre. It is always something to see from up here.

It is always fun to pass the summit on a fine day. There is always people by the summit cairn, and their eyes are easy to read - "where do these guys come from?". I surely hope that more Sukkertoppen hikers discover the fine west ridge.


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