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More fine evening moments, Oct 2006

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Bouldering in Trollråsa, Oct 18 2006

Winter is knocking. Snow has fallen at 1000m. Better enjoy dry rock while we can. After two days of rain, I could enjoy yet another fine evening in Trollråsa. While the dog seemed to find peace on a rock, I practiced bouldering on a short pitch that I had attempted twice before. My arms were still hurting after those attempts, and today, they were in pain. But today I succeeded.

Of course, the difficulty is most likely moderate, compared to the climbing routes further down the mountain. But this was unroped bouldering, and JUST AS FUN! After a while, Terje E. came down Trollråsa. He is now a frequent visitor, and we have some nice chats on the way back up.


1. City view (801KB) 2. Sukkertoppen view (405KB) 3. The routes Olav and I climbed 11/10 (290KB) 4. Peace by the mailbox (177KB) 5. The wall above the mailbox (233KB) 6. A new, short scramble route (263KB) 7. Reefs outside Runde and some weird steam (139KB) 8. Sunset in progress (104KB)

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Climbing with Olav, Oct 11 2006

My colleague Olav Lillebø and I got together for some easy, yet fine climbing near "Trollråsa", on Sukkertoppen's west ridge. This was way above the established (and much harder!!) climbing routes at the foot of the mountain.

We climbed three routes between the mailbox and where the red-ribbon route comes down to the large boulder. The first route ("Den Trondhjemske Postveg") was very easy, and I will probably scramble this unroped on a good day. The second route ("Postkasseegga") was a fine route, closer towards the mailbox. This was also the longest route. The third route ("Postsprekken") was closer to the boulder and went through a narrow crack. This route had to be cleaned for loose rocks, being dangerous for the belayer.

I have no clue about climbing grades, but I assume that the routes were in the 3 class, + or - (Norwegian scale).

We were happy to see hikers (3 altogether) come down and up Trollråsa to sign the mailbox. This is now becoming an "established" route. Just as the sun set beyond Runde, we broke up and headed upwards. There is still plenty of interesting routes on the upper side of the mountain, so I guess we'll be back. And, what a beautiful sunset!


NOTE 1. Climbing pictures were taken while the climber was properly belayed and secure.

NOTE 2. I assume that these routes have not been climbed before. Thus, the names.

1. Olav on route#1 (Trondhjemske Postveg) (312KB) 2. Moving onto route #2 (Postkasseegga) (338KB) 3. An odd picture (236KB) 4. Arnt on route #2 (Postkasseegga) (319KB) 5. Route #2 in full view (Postkasseegga) (247KB) 6. Olav on route#2 (Postkasseegga) (298KB) 7. Arnt on route #3 (Postsprekken) (275KB) 8. Mountain is turning red (285KB) 9. Sunset (focus effect) (192KB) 10. Sunset (186KB) 11. Sunset (196KB)

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Sukkertoppen, Oct 5 2006

Just another NICE evening hike ....


1. Valderøya (263KB) 2. Ålesund (410KB) 3. Bird on rock (73KB) 4. Plane leaving Vigra (87KB) 5. Nice evening light (173KB) 6. Photo effect (81KB) 7. Godøya, late evening (69KB)

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