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After the storm, Oct 27 2006

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After the storm, Oct 27 2006

A storm had passed the western coastline of Norway. Not one of the roughest, surely. Rainshowers were still sweeping the region in unorderly fashion, but I decided to try my luck for some pictures on Sukkertoppen. The summit was a bit windy, but nothing out of the ordinary. I headed down the Trollråsa trail, and just as I had descended the first gully, a strong gale hit me right "in the face" and pushed me backwards.

This was at the only exposed point on the upper part of the route, and seldom have I descended this section with greater care. It felt like just turning a corner, wearing ear-plugs, then taking them off and discover that a freight train is only 20 yards away. Very weird. Why didn't I feel the gale on top of the mountain?

I don't care too much for or about crows. Except when they land a few feet away from my dog, teasing him. His sudden acceleration, trying to "get" the crows, is always a vain effort. It makes me laugh, though. Another exception is when they ride on the strong winds. These guys sure know how to have a good time! I tried to capture some of their "moments" with the camera. Not an easy task, but one can probably imagine the sensation. Due to their speed, and the wind, I had to shoot with a fast shutter speed. That did not result in a very good picture quality.

Enjoy, and if you have a local mountain, go visit it on a very windy day!


1. City view (353KB) 2. A passing shower (154KB) 3. View towards Runde (144KB) 4. The Trollråsa mailbox (250KB) 5. Coastal shower (157KB) 6. Godøya (145KB) 7. Snowy Haram mountains (109KB) 8. Troll (199KB) 9. Passing the summit (again) (162KB) 10. Sulafjellet (112KB) 11. Cool hole in the sky (after the hike) (80KB)

Crow observations...

12. Rocket bird (183KB) 13. Crow riding the winds (168KB) 14. Crow riding the winds (121KB) 15. Crow riding the winds (118KB) 16. In for landing, I presume? (271KB) 17. Wish I could do that (272KB) 18. Touchdown (331KB) 19. Lift-off (269KB) 20. Stealth style (250KB) 21. Who is observing who? (158KB) 22. Yihaaaaa.... (213KB)

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