Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

After dark, full moon, Nov 8 2006

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After a week of consecutive rain, it was nice to see the sky again. A full moon lit up the Ålesund region, as I headed up towards Sukkertoppen (and Trollråsa) after dark. Some pictures are a bit blurry, due to the wind on the mountain, but they should still be able to convey the atmosphere.

I met 3 hikers on the way up, and 3 at the summit. Down at the Trollråsa mailbox, new names keep showing up in the logbook. I look forward to this route, come full winter.


1. Ålesund view from Olsvika (202KB) 2. Aksla seen from Olsvika (201KB) 3. Ålesund view from Olsvika (185KB) 4. Ålesund view from Sukkertoppen (328KB) 5. Ålesund view from Sukkertoppen (348KB) 6. Aspøya - Hessa bridge (275KB) 7. Color Line Stadion (294KB) 8. Some building .. seen from Sukkertoppen (277KB)

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