Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Sukkertoppen: With Dag down Trollråsa, Dec 2 2006

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Buddy Dag from Bergen decided to spend his week-end in Ålesund, and Sukkertoppen (and the Trollråsa route) is of course mandatory when one wishes to get an overview of the region. Along came my little dog "Troll". As expected, Trollråsa was "no match" for Dag, who descended (and ascended) the route in fine style. We only went down to the mailbox, and then headed back the same route.


Crow observations on the way to Sukkertoppen

1. Crow observations I (211KB) 2. Crow observations II (160KB) 3. Crow observations III (194KB)

To Sukkertoppen and views

4. City view (379KB) 5. To the top (229KB) 6. Sukkertoppen summit view (594KB)

Step-by-step guide to Trollråsa

7. Follow the path for a while (257KB) 8. Easy gully. Hands needed (337KB) 9. A short, exposed pitch (308KB) 10. Short pitch down the cliffband (319KB) 11. A long step is required here (374KB) 12. Some normal walking (385KB) 13. Boulder section (364KB) 14. At the mailbox, half-way down (335KB) 15. The fast way up (253KB)


16. Mirror (183KB) 17. Moon above Ellingsøyfjorden (91KB) 18. The moon, enlarged (110KB)

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