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Sukkertoppen: Various pics, Winter 2007

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Feb 27 2007:

It's been almost one month since I posted pictures from Sukkertoppen. Although every angle has already been covered, every hike is a different hike. I was so focused on keeping my balance on the icy mountain, that I didn't notice the Aurora Borealis above Vigra. I discovered the northern light after copying the images to the computer. Thanks to my good four-legged pal Troll, waiting patiently in the dark - and in the cold wind - while I took the pictures.

1. Ålesund after dark (407KB) 2. Godøya after dark (210KB) 3. Sulafjellet after dark (179KB)

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Jan 31 2007:

Approx. 1 week since I visited Sukkertoppen and Trollråsa. After 3-4 days of heavy rain, almost all of the snow has melted. For the first time, I encountered "the famous" Hessa deer on my way up the ridge. Taking pictures wasn't all that easy, but thanks to a powerful flashlight, I was able to get their attention for the 25 seconds it took to take the picture.

Two other hikers arrived the top at the same time. I decided to dislike one of them, calling my dog Troll a "chocolate tube". However, that pityful hiker didn't get to spoil a perfect evening on Sukkertoppen. Buddy Olav had signed into the Trollråsa mailbox earlier in the day, and I silently congratulated him with 31 hikes to Sukkertoppen in January 2007.

1. Keep your cool (101KB) 2. Deer below the ridge (278KB) 3. Skarbøvika (359KB) 4. Ålesund (301KB) 5. Sulafjellet (207KB) 6. Moon above Ålesund (122KB) 7. Godøya (178KB) 8. Looking down on Hessa Stadion (156KB) 9. Trollråsa mailbox, snow-free (232kB) 10. Sulamannen (219KB) 11. Ålesund zoomed in (290KB)

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Jan 22 2007:

I hadn't been down Trollråsa since Jan 10, and figured it was rather high time I did. It could very well be the only chance for a proper snowclimb this winter. Light snowshowers came and went as the dog and I headed up to Sukkertoppen. The strong, cold wind sat in when we began the descent of Trollråsa. I've noticed this several times - that the wind is much more fierce down on the west ridge.

The upper section wasn't all that difficult, opposed to normal. I cleaned the rocks for snow, and found the usual handholds. The "long step" section, where you cross over a cliff was more challenging. Handholds are scarce when dry, and I had to work a bit to get across here. I expected the "handrail" section above the mailbox to be the hardest part. It was, but for different reasons than I had expected.

I left Troll below the "Ikke den veien" wall - a sheltered spot, while I descended towards the mailbox. The wind whipped up the snow, blinding me completely as I was peeking and poking around for a place to put my feet. I just had to wait the gust out, before I could proceed.

I signed in 20:15PM as the first visitor since Jan 13. The ascent up to the top was also harder than normal, but not difficult. Knowing this route inside and out helps a lot. That said, I would be very hesitant about bringing inexperienced people down this route under these conditions.

From Sukkertoppen summit, I followed the route to the mailbox (as shown on the below picture) and back up again:

Trollråsa seen from Godøya

Trollråsa seen from Godøya

1. Ålesund view (208KB) 2. Ålesund view (207KB) 3. Part of Sulafjellet (145KB) 4. On the top (141KB) 5. Heading down Trollråsa (168KB) 6. Heading down Trollråsa (220KB) 7. Parking the dog (188KB) 8. View down to the mailbox (160KB) 9. The mailbox has not been opened in a while (153KB) 10. Signed! (172KB) 11. Heading back up (196KB)

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Jan 18 2007:

Sukkertoppen is a most excellent hiking goal on winter evenings. Especially when I'm on-duty and citybound. I noticed an opportunity for reaching the top between snowshowers, and asked my neighbour Pål to come along.

Along came also his dog Chico and my Troll. Troll picked early up a scent from a bitch, and followed her tracks from the very bottom to the top, and back down. He hardly ever noticed us along the way. I had to strip snowballs off him, from time to time. According to Troll, this was needless, and that he didn't have time for this sort of trivialities.

It was a VERY nice evening, with nice colors, and a deep field of view, thanks to the snow and the clouds. Those who never take the time to spend an evening like this, are missing out on some very good moments.

1. Troll building snowballs early on (180KB) 2. Chico, looking for Troll (259KB) 3. Troll is busy tracking (276KB) 4. Small challenges .. (236KB) 5. .. and great will (279KB) 6. On Sukkertoppen (181KB) 7. View from Sukkertoppen (167KB) 8. Godøya (200KB) 9. Haram mountains in the background (190KB) 10. Sulafjellet (124KB) 11. Nice colors (193KB) 12. Heading back home (173KB)

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Jan 17 2007:

A nice hike with buddy Erlend. A proper snowfall and a windy summit with limited visibility. Upon descent, with the wind against, we could just follow the dog, who knows the mountain better than I do.

1. Erlend on top (226KB)

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