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Sukkertoppen: Up and down Trollråsa, Apr 13 2007

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I invited my colleague Trond for an afternoon hike up Trollråsa. Although born and raised on island Hessa, he had never walked this route before. While Trond was "busy" with impressions from this new route, I enjoyed watching the sea fog sweep across one island after the other. Just minutes after we had descended (we went down Trollråsa also), the middle part of Sukkertoppen was swept in fog. We were back at the trailhead just before 21:00PM. Well past sunset.

As expected, Trond enjoyed this route, just like my colleagues Terje, Torill, Erlend and Olav, and I expect to see his name in the Trollråsa visitor register later this summer...

Pictures from the Apr 13 2007 hike


1. Sukkertoppen seen from Ålesund (126KB) 2. Trond at -the tree-, almost up on the west ridge (332KB) 3. One of the places it would be bad to fall off (300KB) 4. The fun terrain begins (311KB) 5. Trond signing in (321KB) 6. The proud Trollråsa flag. Almost nothing left (340KB) 7. On the upper route (393KB) 8. Trond, taking in the views (285KB) 9. Ålesund view from Sukkertoppen (225KB)


10. Goaldet and sea fog (123KB) 11. Godøya and sunset (98KB) 12. Runde and sea fog (119KB) 13. A look down Tyskerstien (261KB) 14. Godøya, after sunset (88KB)

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