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Sukkertoppen: All-weather hike, Apr 20 2007

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Come join me walking the dog on this .. interesting (in terms of weather) Friday afternoon.

Changing tires on my car is a different ballgame than on the old Corsa. A new technique had to be applied, and my back wasn't ready for this technique. SNAP, and I was in the mode where you have to roll out of bed in order to get up. And I'm not even going to tell you how I got the socks on...

Visiting Sukkertoppen two days ago, I was hoping for an unexpected fall. The last two times my back SNAPped, two falls on Mt. Ulriken in Bergen fixed things. But faking a fall is hopeless. So today, fairly desperate to get my socks on in orderly fashion, I called the chiropractor.

The chiropractor had only a short opening for me. She was on the way to Oslo, and didn't have time to give me the ususal "Look! Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Is it -CRACK-" routine. She just told me that she was gonna crack me wide open, and that I would have to relax. "Give me your best shot", I said, ready for better days.

After two OUCHes and three KOHhhhs, she told me that my physical condition had dramatically improved, but that I would feel sore. Really? She encouraged me to spend the rest of the day walking, which was great news. Normally "they" tell you to relax for a month.

I did exactly what the Doctor ordered, and took the dog up to Sukkertoppen. An evil hailshower greeted us welcome, but as long it's only a shower, it doesn't matter. Once the shower passes, everything is so beautiful. The colors, the air, the lot.

After having passed the top, I decided to descend Tusseråsa - a route that I marked, meant to be the easy route down to the mailbox on the west ridge. After snow/hailfall, this route was anything but easy. Snow on top of the grass was not a good combination, and a slide would surely send me off the mountain. Good as it was, my ultra-sore back forced me to go SLOW.

Arriving the mailbox, out of the rocks popped my colleague Olav. I think he lives up here in periods. We headed up Trollråsa, and subsequently DOWN together. A very fine dog-walk indeed, but sweet LORD, my back was acing once I got into the car.

Pictures from the Apr 20 2007 hike

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Down Tusseråsa and up Trollråsa

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