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Sukkertoppen: Chillin' in Trollråsa, June 16 2007

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This was my second walk after the two-week foot-inflammation. I visited Sukkertoppen on the first walk (yesterday) too, but today, I wanted to chill out. There's no other place I'd rather be, if I want to chill out.

Now that we're on the subject, I've NEVER chilled out before. I hate standing/lying still. But I'm working on it. That doesn't mean you'll find me on one of the Mallorca beaches, but you might find me in Trollråsa, down by the mailbox.

I chilled out for an hour, almost falling into deep sleep. The dog, which can sleep for 8 straight hours on the front yard, gets (for some strange reason) very restless when I want to relax. But I managed to ignore him. For that given hour. And I had a most excellent chillin' hour

Pictures from the June 16 2007 chill

1. The mailbox - where I chilled out (320KB) 2. Me - chillin out (318KB) 3. A cruise ship (224KB) 4. The cruise ship and a busy bee (255KB) 5. The busy bee (196KB) 6. The cruise ship goes to sea (290KB) 7. Me - still chillin (237KB) 8. The cruise ship at sea (140KB) 9. I am ABOVE the birds (409KB) 10. Tanker passing Godøya (300KB) 11. View from Sukkertoppen (806KB)

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