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Sukkertoppen: "T1", July 10 2007

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T1 has nothing to do with Terminator I, the movie. In this context, T1 has a double meaning: The Trollråsa guestbook celebrated 1 year today, and it was the 1st time I did the Tyskerstien route without any dingeldangel (rope and stuff).

Olav joined me on this glorious day. I was fairly comfortable with Tyskerstien, although I always brought a rope or some slings for safety. I had later on shown Olav this route, and recently, he descended here without any safety precautions. And today, we ascended this - interesting - route without any dingeldangel.

The route is technically easy. If you trust bush and plants, that is. But the route is also exposed in some parts. Unfortunately, this part of Sukkertoppen is completely overgrown, and we need to take a few more trips (cleaning up) before we'd like to show it to others. The problem about cleaning up, is that we can lose our handholds. But we can lose the thorns. Absolutely. The thorns are evil.

But today's climb went quite smooth, and once above this route, we continued scrambling our way up to the mailbox. More than 100 different individuals has signed the guestbook since we opened it one year ago. In average 2 new persons every week of the way. That ain't bad.

I repeated a fun route that I have named Diagonalen, close to the mailbox. There is a diagonal ledge 2m above the ground. Getting hold of it requires climbing moves. Once on it, the rest is scrambling, and you can continue scrambling all the way up Ikke den veien.

Olav's brother suddenly appeared. And soon after, his dog, wondering where his owner had gone. Trollråsa is getting "trivial"....

Except for the missing cake, this was an outstanding birthday.

Pictures from the July 10 scramble

(It's late evening, so ISO is increased to 400, and shutter speed is set to 200)


1. Tyskerstien entry point: Hessa Stadion (215KB) 2. Tyskerstien (471KB) 3. Up the boulder (365KB) 4. The lower climb (286KB) 5. Olav and a face (300KB) 6. The lower climb (271KB) 7. The upper section. Dense forest (406KB) 8. Yes, left, Olav. Left! (409KB) 9. Which bush you said? (364KB) 10. Gooood bush !! (406KB) 11. Reaching the chain (403KB) 12. Da va no da da då, as they say in Brønnøysund (294KB)

Scrambling near Trollråsa

13. Olav views his -estate- (226KB) 14. Warming up (254KB) 15. Diagonalen (1287KB) 16. Olavs brother and his dog (!) (205KB) 17. Evil thorns in Tyskerstien (178KB)

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