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Sukkertoppen: Trollråsa w/dogs, Aug 6 2007

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On this fine afternoon, I hiked up Trollråsa along with my colleague Kåre Olav, his 14-week old dog Cæsar (Norwegian Elkhound, black) and my little hiking buddy Troll (soon 14 yrs). The Trollråsa route is a bit too rough for Troll, so he would enjoy it from the backpack. This would be Cæsar's first mountain hike, but that didn't worry me. A number of dogs have already climbed Trollråsa. Troll and Cæsar had met at work earlier in the day, so they were already buddies.

A heatwave had come across southern Norway, and the temperature was approx. 25 deg. C. Kåre Olav was regularly checking his pulse, and concluded that he still wasn't in 100% physical shape before the hunting season this autumn. We enjoyed a good break by the mailbox. There is a peaceful atmosphere around this ledge on Sukkertoppen's west ridge.

We got Cæsar up the scramble route, and Cæsar seemed to enjoy the scrambling. From being very unsecure at the foot of the mountain, he had now become a real climber. He felt cocky about it too. When it was time for Troll to begin walking, Cæsar floored him. Troll told him exactly how he felt about it, and Cæsar behaved well for the rest of the hike.

This was actually Kåre Olav's first hike to Sukkertoppen. We descended the normal path, and Troll was allowed to set the pace. I don't think the pace was too slow. I never heard any complaints from Kåre Olav :)

Pictures from the hike

To the mailbox

1. On the way to Trollråsa (263KB) 2. Up the boulder (410KB) 3. The steep beginning (330KB) 4. Anything goes.. (411KB) 5. Watch out for snakes (380KB) 6. At last, some shade (533KB) 7. Hello Cæsar. Strange route? (331KB) 8. Passing -the tree- (350KB) 9. Gaining elevation (529KB) 10. Awkward point (441KB) 11. This is going quite well (463KB) 12. Entering the west ridge (375KB) 13. Just below the mailbox (413KB) 14. Where is he? (457KB)

By the mailbox

15. Kåre Olav enters the chair (302KB) 16. Cæsar wonders where Troll is (385KB) 17. Cæsar (207KB) 18. A peaceful spot (363KB) 19. Troll is out of the backpack (226KB) 20. Approx. 200 vertical meters above the sea (343KB) 21. Kåre Olav explores the area (305KB)

To the top

22. Some scrambling above the mailbox (462KB) 23. This gully is the last obstacle (482KB) 24. On Sukkertoppen (258KB) 25. On Sukkertoppen (266KB)

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