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Sukkertoppen: Weather, Aug 28 2007

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The summer holiday is over, the kids are back at school and yesterday was the first day with the usual traffic "chaos" since the summer holiday started. The unusual thing is that the Sunnmørsalpene mountains (and mountains throughout southern Norway) have snow from 1000m and up. What happened to the summer? It's been rain and fog since .. too long.

Today, the weather wasn't just shitty. It was unstable. Now and then I enjoy unstable weather. It allows for some good pictures, and today I brought along the camera to Sukkertoppen. Olav stood in the doorway when I parked. He (kindly) has granted me parking near his house, and he can hear my car's turbo (I wish..) engine from long distance.

It's nice to chat with Olav on the way upwards. It's men's talk. Not about women, just the usual nonsense. Today's topic was how do you respond when you don't understand what the other person is talking about. We didn't lack suggestions, and reached the top in no time.

Trollråsa had to be visited of course. Two white-tailed eagles kept us company while descending. It was raining light, but stopped when we reached the mailbox. I'm not quite sure why, but this place is some kind of a sanctuary for me. There is tranquility, solitude, a sense of the wild, views and there are those moments that I collect. The weather this afternoon surely offered moments. It was just beatiful.

Pictures from the hike

1. Aurdalsnibba with snow in August! (160KB) 2. On the way to Sukkertoppen (141KB) 3. View towards Ålesund (419KB) 4. White-tailed eagle above Sukkertoppen (191kB) 5. Ytre Søre (252KB) 6. A vessel cruising by (132KB) 7. Rainbow across Sukkertoppen (268KB) 8. Big sky above Ålesund (107KB) 9. Rainbow in front of Sulafjellet (104KB) 10. Me and my idol (128KB) 11. On Sukkertoppen (87KB) 12. Descent (166KB)

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