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Sukkertoppen: Autumn pics 2007

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Autumn is here, and thus, many spectactular weather moments.

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Nov 23 2007, Troll's birthday

What a better birthday present than to take Troll to Trollråsa on his 14th birthday? He seemed overwhelmed by the combination of fresh snow, ice and darkness. These are conditions dachshunds live and die for! If it hadn't been for his frozen tail, I'm sure he would be wagging it.

This was the first proper snow on Sukkertoppen this winter season. Conditions down Trollråsa were difficult! My friend Olav had a group of scouts making fires down by the shore, and just like last year, a dozen headlamps were looking up to Sukkertoppen as I descended.

I assumed they were thinking; what a couragous person, climbing this steep mountain side after darkness, and in snow and ice!. A phone call with Olav later in the evening revealed the bitter truth; the scouts had told Olav that a moron had attempted to descend Sukkertoppen, but chickened out and headed back up...

1. Full moon (169KB) 2. Ålesund view (269KB) 3. Trollråsa and difficult conditions (210KB) 4. Troll after visiting Trollråsa (212KB))

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Nov 19 2007, Deep red sky

What a wonderful afternoon! Gorgeous weather, a shiny moon and a deep red carpet in the sky. The clue is to be there on time. Not before, and not after...

1. Skopphornet & the moon (170KB) 2. The moon (254KB) 3. Deep red sky (158KB) 4. Just brilliant.. (158KB) 5. A radiating moon (196KB)

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Nov 14 2007, Up Trollråsa after dark

First hike (w/Olav) up Trollråsa after dark this autumn/winter. When you're in Trollråsa by yourself, after dark, solitude will slam you in the face. It is a magnificent place and a magnificent feeling..

1. Olav signing the visitor register (252KB) 2. Panorama from Sukkertoppen (452KB)

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Nov 1 2007, 1st after dark hike this autumn

1st after dark hike to Sukkertoppen this autumn. I had brought a new Trollråsa "flag" which got "raised" 20:15PM this evening. It was raining quite a bit as I drove in, but once I was on the path, the weather settled. Like many times before...

There was traces of snow on the mountain, and the Trollråsa route was about to freeze. I thought I was scrambling on solid ice, but it was still water. A few hours later, I would assume it would have been very slippery here. I replaced the flag. Only 7cm left of the old one...

I was curious to see how Troll would do on the way down. His vision is rather poor these days. He struggled quite a bit. I lit up the path for him with a very strong flashlight, but he didn't seem to take advantage of the beam. He went into the bush a number of times, looking rather helpless. Well, for us humans, it's just grass. To him, it's bush.

In any case, it wasn't uplifting...

1. Nice to see the city lights again (420KB) 2. The new Trollråsa flag (198KB) 3. Trollråsa cliffs (272KB)

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Oct 30 2007, Rainshowers

I was on my way to Sukkertoppen, talking to Olav on the phone. A major shower made me turn around, and I didn't have any rain gear. Then Olav called be yellow...

At least I got to see some spectacular rainshowers..

1. Mr. Blue Sky .. na na na (233KB) 2. A fat bastard out in the sea (262KB) 3. Armageddon... (194KB) 4. I am still in the clear (341KB) 5. Whoo.. close (226KB) 6. A nice light in the sky (76KB) 7. Colorful sky (186KB) 8. Adult showers (318KB) 9. The sisters (268KB)

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Oct 28-29 2007, more sky stuff

It was one of the all-time worst of weekends, raining almost constantly. The only good memory from the weekend is these pictures taken after a hike to Sukkertoppen. The last picture is from the morning after.

1. Sigh... (259KB) 2. Moonlight on Ellingsøyfjorden (249KB) 3. Clouds moving fast (259KB) 4. The moon (135KB) 5. Blåskjerdingen (151KB) 6. Morning red (214KB)

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Oct 25 2007, Amazing colors

It was a rather GREY evening in Ålesund, and I decided NOT to bring the camera on my evening hike to Sukkertoppen. I'll regret it until the day I die, because I "missed" the greatest sunset I've ever seen in my life. The first picture (just a glimpse when I got back home) illustrates my point. Later in the evening, there was much to see above Ellingsøyfjorden...

1. A hilarious sunset (134KB) 2. Then the red sky turned blue (213KB) 3. Moonlight on Ellingsøyfjorden (183KB) 4. Høgenakken and the moon (231KB) 5. Aurora Borealis (287KB) 6. Aurora Borealis (232KB) 7. Moon above Høgenakken (248KB) 8. Soft clouds (254KB) 9. The moon (84KB)

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Oct 17 2007, Amazing sunset

Yet another one of my regular afternoon walks to Sukkertoppen. It had been raining ALL day, and I wasn't really planning a walk this afternoon. But when I noticed a glimpse of blue sky in the afternoon, I moved quickly. It started to rain again on my way up the west ridge - in fact it hailed - but all in all, this hike goes into the history book.

Along the shore

1. A fishing boat (107KB) 2. Leaving the trailhead (107KB) 3. Bird island. Race matters (283KB) 4. Godøya and a good shower (300KB) 5. Trollråsa (207KB) 6. Hole in the sky (182KB) 7. A golden glow (252KB) 8. Big curtain (175KB) 9. Waves (274KB) 10. More golden glow (148KB)

To Sukkertoppen

11. Lesten is shining (140KB) 12. Wide-angle view from Sukkertoppen (514KB) 13. The colors get deeper (187KB) 14. The parking by the aquarium (247KB)


15. Leaving the summit (145KB) 16. Valderøya (211KB) 17. Rainshowers at sea (144KB) 18. My new descent route (258KB) 19. Daylight is fading (118KB) 20. A lot of birds in the sky (193KB) 21. Sunset I (117KB) 22. Sunset II (172KB) 23. Sunset III (147KB) 24. Sunset IV (192KB) 25. Sunset V (107KB)

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Oct 15 2007, Just before the sun disappeared

1. Sunset in progress (116KB) 2. Rays in the distant (112KB) 3. The last glow (90KB) 4. Hole in the sky (101KB)

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Oct 8 2007, Amazing sunset

It doesn't get better than this....

1. Raindrops on my window (123KB) 2. My ascent route (180KB) 3. Bright ocean colors (236KB) 4. Deeper ocean colors (129KB) 5. Sunset in progress (137KB) 6. Terrific sky (115KB) 7. Flaming red (103KB) 8. Funnel (83KB) 9. Carpet (100KB) 10. Oh-no shower (101KB) 11. The final red (87KB)

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Oct 3 2007, Sunset and clouds

Two pics from a hike where I headed from the Aquarium, headed up Trollråsa, down the normal route until I hit the forest, then headed off-trail to the gravel soccer field in Skarbøvika before following the road back to the Aquarium.

1. Sunset in progress (138KB) 2. A deer showing mutual interest (467KB)

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Oct 3 2007, Sunset and clouds

A few moments from Sukkertoppen, on this nice evening. The last two pictures (moon) are taken from my house.

1. A nice light (100KB) 2. Sunset in progress (93KB) 3. Clouds (109KB) 4. Clouds above Ålesund (127KB) 5. Sunset (100KB) 6. Moon above Ellingsøyfjorden (191KB) 7. Moon above Ellingsøyfjorden (222KB)

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Sep 10 2007, Chillin' in Trollråsa

Buddy Olav, my dog and me went chillin' in Trollråsa, now that we suddenly, and unexpectedly got a break from the "everlasting" rain. Good for the body. Good for the soul..

1. Arriving Sukkertoppen (97KB) 2. Rays in front of Hareidlandet (116KB) 3. Towards Trollråsa (146KB) 4. Spotlight 5. Spotlight (121KB) 6. Passenger boat (182KB) 7. Me at the mailbox (181KB) 8. Buddy Troll and me (139KB) 9. Sea view (119KB) 10. Olav is chillin' (295KB) 11. Spider@work (146KB) 12. Sea view (107KB) 13. Olav in the -chair- (253KB) 14. Troll is chillin' (260KB) 15. A nice break from it all (306KB) 16. Wake me up before you go-go (267KB) 17. Ah.... (405KB) 18. Soccer for free (321KB) 19. Gresshoppe / Saltatoria / Cricket (469KB) 20. Gold colors (150KB) 21. Colors getting deeper (98KB) 22. Ålesund (143KB) 23. Leaving Sukkertoppen (98KB) 24. Mirror view (82KB) 25. Sunset beyond Aksla (85KB)

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Sep 3 2007

1. Sea view (135KB) 2. Sea view (116KB) 3. Beyond Godøya (82KB) 4. Intense sky (93KB) 5. Colorful sky (109KB) 6. Rain shower (139KB)

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