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Sukkertoppen: "Ufseråsa" Oct 19 2007

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"Ufseråsa" is a fun variation on Sukkertoppen's west ridge/south face. The route runs between the Trollråsa mailbox and the rock-with-the-hole-under, which marks the end of the path from the summit and down to where it gets steep on the west ridge.

I asked my colleague (and friend) Olav to come along on this hike, with the purpose of documenting this route. I believe Olav has only descended Ufseråsa, and never gone up this way. I went up here a few days earlier, carrying my dog. THAT was slightly challenging. The dog is likely to fall out in awkwards positions, so one better not get into them. I brought my dog today, too. Without the dog, the next trip should be a doddle

Ufseråsa from the mailbox and up is just slightly technically harder than Trollråsa, and is FAR more exposed. While you can trust solid rock in Trollråsa, you have to trust roots and bush in Ufseråsa. And the "crux" is a long step where errors are not recommended. In general, this is true for the entire route from the long step and up to the rock-with-the-hole-under.

The pictures might give you a clue. See the main Sukkertoppen page for a route description. Don't try this route unless you know what you're doing.

Slideshow, all pics on this page:


0. The Ufseråsa route (348KB)

The scramble

1. On Sukkertoppen summit (156KB) 2. Heading out from the mailbox (156KB) 3. Good view down the mountain (212KB) 4. Heading around the corner (256KB) 5. Environmental goodwill (289KB) 6. The long step. Olav needs a timeout (321KB) 7. Faith matters (290KB) 8. Home free (245KB) 9. Then follows some scrambling (313KB) 10. This is airy.. (273KB) 11. Moving on (225KB) 12. This IS steep terrain (263KB) 13. Olav is approaching the top of the route (211KB) 14. It's about leaning to the right (335KB) 15. The terrain gets easier (462KB) 16. The final push (305KB)

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