Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Sukkertoppen, 314m

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Sukkertoppen after dark and after snowfall

One week ago, Blindheimsfjellet (450m) was snow-free, and skiing was something you'd have to go to Ørskogfjellet for. The feeling of spring was emerging, and just as I thought that winter had passed, it struck again. After two days of snowfall, 20-30cm of snow had landed on Sukkertoppen. I chose this mountain for my evening walk, confident that someone had broken the trail. I was right, and my little friend (23cm high with four legs) was able to walk to the top. Nothing can compare to a February evening, when the weather clears up after snowfall. There is a certain magic to it.

1. Waves of snow in Ålesund (116KB) 2. Valderøya seen from Sukkertoppen (183KB) 3. Sula and Hareidlandet seen from Sukkertoppen (154KB) 4. My buddy Troll (119KB)

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