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Up Tyskerstien w/Per (and no-hands), Mar 12 2008

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Tyskerstien (Click for larger image)


On this Thursday afternoon, I took my friend Per up Tyskerstien. The idea was to a) show him a cool route to Sukkertoppen (he had already been up Trollråsa) and b) introduce him to the basic concept of moving roped up.

We headed up to the newly "discovered" hole that eased access up the lower section, climbed through it and proceeded up to the point where it gets really steep. This is not a fun place to work with a rope, but safety for my hiking mates comes first.

Tyskerstien has 3 points where you need to form a quick plan. The first is just getting up from the forest, and roots and bushes are you team-mates here. The second is a traverse into a crack that you will follow upwards. No one wants to fall here. The third is getting past a loose rock in the crack, without sending it down the forest. After that, it's back to roots and grass again..

"Traffic" in Trollråsa

Per climbed quicker than I had excpected. He admitted that the traverse into the crack had been airy, but seemed to have a good time. We proceeded up to the Trollråsa mailbox where met two guys and a dog. I had met one of them earlier and recommended Trollråsa to him. Today was the day for his visit, and he had brought his dog and a friend. The friend seemed a bit uncomfortable and didn't look forward to the rest of the route. I pointed out the general direction and off they went.

There was time for one last scramble and Per and I headed up "Ikke Den Veien" (picture from an earlier trip). We continued up to Sukkertoppen where three cute girls were sitting. This mountain has everything...

"No hands"

I was in a jolly playful mood this afternoon, and decided to see how far down Trollråsa I could get before I had to use my hands for support. There is of course no way of doing this without jumping down from the obstacles. And that's not very hard either. If you're into that kind of stuff. I acknowledge that some will think that's a bit weird..

The final jumps were done with minimal daylight left. We were back at the car just as it got dark. Another fun afternoon on Sukkertoppen... 

Pictures from the Mar 13 2008 scramble

Slideshow, all pics

Up Tyskerstien

1. Tyskerstien ahead (274KB) 2. Up the boulder field (302KB) 3. Towards the lower entrance (447KB) 4. Per leads on (456KB) 5. Per surfaces above the hole (304KB) 6. Another forest section (408KB) 7. Ready to scramble (338KB) 8. Per soon on top (386KB) 9. Another view down (328KB)

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