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The last glow, Mar 18 2008

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What we came here for

What we came here for (Click for larger image)

I noticed..

a fine glow out in the sea and rapidly decided to let Sukkertoppen be my afternoon walk. I ping'ed Olav to see if he wanted to come along. Olav also wanted to get a better look at this ocean glow, and his son Andreas joined in too. And with my dog Troll on board, we were now a group

A lot of fresh snow had fallen, and most of Sukkertoppen was dressed in a white coat. A nice sight in itself. The plan was to arrive the top at sunset, and the plan was working just fine until a massive shower came sweeping in from the ocean. All of a sudden, we were in a hurry. 

Just as we reached the summit plateau, we got a glimpse of the sun setting beyond Runde. A few seconds later, it was all gone. When the shower finally passed, there was no more sunset. The "timing" was just .. unbelievable.


Now that we were up here, we might just as well pay a visit to the Trollråsa mailbox. The snow raises the severity level one notch, as the usual hand- and footholds get slippery. We arrived the mailbox just before 19:00PM. We were soon out of daylight (the images have been given some lighting work..) but expected that the snow would give whatever light we would need upon descent.

We passed Sukkertoppen summit 19:10PM (upon return) and were back down 19:35PM. It was a very nice hike!


To the Trollråsa mailbox

To the Trollråsa mailbox (Click for larger image)


Pictures from the Mar 28 2008 hike

Slideshow, all pics

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1. Blue sky (172KB) 2. A serious shower (133KB) 3. Andreas (169KB) 4. Rising expectations (165KB) 5. A shower sweeps across Godøya (209KB) 6. We are now in a hurry (185KB) 7. Enemies on all fronts (179KB) 8. Not ALL bad.. (146KB) 9. The shower moves on (144KB) 10. In the nick of time (158KB) 11. Gotcha! (107KB) 12. The view is fading (159KB) 13. Nothing more to see (150KB)


14. Heading down Trollråsa (391KB) 15. At the mailbox (255KB) 16. Olav makes sure Andreas is safe (347KB) 17. Olav on the way up Trollråsa (396KB) 18. Winnie-the-pooh/Ole Brumm? (373KB)

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