Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Late evening, Mar 19 2008

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Troll makes a statement

Troll makes a statement (Click for larger image)

Inspired by ..

a beautiful ocean glow the day before, I headed up to Sukkertoppen after having skied Nihusen. It had been snowing for days, and even if most of the snow melted as it hit the ground, Sukkertoppen still had an unsual amount of snow, compared to the winter in general. Just a few days ago, I welcomed spring, and took the climbing gear out of the closet.

My dog Troll and I reached the top 18:30PM, in due time to catch any sunset glow, but the glow wasn't there. On the other hand, the fog rising from the mountain tops after the snowfall was a nice sight. No hikes up here are wasted hikes.

Troll fought his way back down to the trail head, where I took some handheld pictures with the new objective at 1/15 and 1/20 sec. The result was amazing. With my former objective, the pictures started to get blurry at 1/60 sec.   

Pictures from the Mar 20 2008 hike

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To Sukkertoppen 

1. Snowfall at the trail head 2. The Christmas feeling 3. View up the mountain 4. Fog on Aksla 5. Ålesund panorama 6. On the plateau (169KB) 7. Soft and fresh snow

On the top + descent 

8. Godøya 9. Troll and his big head 10. Sulafjellet 11. A boat sails away 12. The Sulamannen face 13. The moon 14. Back on the road 15. Back at the trail head

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