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"Hyllene" w/Trond, Apr 23 2008

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Hyllene and Trollråsa routes

Hyllene and Trollråsa routes (Click for larger image)

"Hyllene" (The shelves/ledges)

is a disctinct "balcony" in Sukkertoppen's north face. When I first took my colleague Trond up Trollråsa (Apr 13 2007), we talked briefly about the possibility of getting up that way. Trond believed he had heard about someone going up here a long time ago, but he wasn't quite sure. The day after, I gave this route a try, only to chicken out at the steepest part. A month later, Olav and I went up this route and used a rope to be on the safe side. When I mentioned this to Trond, he wanted to come along on a hike. Being from Skarbøvika, Trond had been looking at this steep face all of his life - wondering ...

Apr 23 2008 ..

was the day when Trond would finally would climb "Hyllene". Trond had in advance indicated that we could skip the rope, but I wanted to bring it anyway. The steepest route is just .. steep.

Getting up to the steepest part didn't pose any difficulties. I've found a good route with "minimal" exposure. Of course, stumbling should be avoided from the "balcony" and upwards.

As I wanted some better pictures of the crux, I climbed up and attached the rope to a tree. I then gave Trond a sling and a jumar as a safety measure. I acknowledge that the jumar is a big bother once you're climbing, but by doing it this way, I was free to take pictures. 

Trond didn't have any problems in climbing this section, but told me that he was happy about the fixed rope. Unfortunately, we annoyed a couple of ravens that (apparently) worried about their nest. But once they saw that we took a different course, they settled down. Smart birds.  

Above the crux section, the steep scramble continued. I made one wrong turn on the "established route" and ended up in a very exposed spot. While I went looking for a better alternative, Trond had already climbed up. I didn't like this spot one bit. I was much shorter than Trond and had to put myself in an extremely airy spot in order to grab a bush that Trond grabbed easily.

We proceeded up to Sukkertoppen summit where people were scatterered around. Most of them were smoking. Odd...

The terrain in profile

The terrain in profile (Click for larger image)

Gathering in Trollråsa

We descended Trollråsa. Down by the mailbox, we met Kenneth - a frequent Trollråsa visitor. Then came Olav and then Virginia and Terje followed. A small gathering! Trond hadn't descended Trollråsa earlier, so that was another first.

All in all an excellent round trip. Trond can now look at the "Hyllene" route from his window and say; been there, done that.

Pictures from the Apr 23 2008 round trip

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To Hyllene 

1. Ellingsøyfjorden, early morning 2. Below Hyllene 3. Traversing the lower ledge 4. To the upper ledge 5. A quick rest before the scrambling 6. Raven (composite) 7. Raven


8. The steep section 9. Trond on the way up 10. Right? Left? 11. On a small ledge 12. Up the crux 13. Trond on top of the crux 14. On top of the crux 15. View down to Skarbøvika 16. Trond arrives on Sukkertoppen


17. On Sukkertoppen 18. On Sukkertoppen 19. Against-the-sun view 20. Ålesund 21. Sula island


22. Down Trollråsa 23. Down Trollråsa 24. At the mailbox 25. Olav arrives 26. A gathering 27. Runde 28. Sunset

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