Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal
Sukkertoppen, 314m

Trollråsa, May - Jun 2008

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This is a collection of late spring/summer trips up/down Trollråsa.

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w/Martha Heggland, May 27 2008

Martha is a colleague from Bergen that has done more hiking than scrambling, but took the Trollråsa challenge. I might have encouraged her to seek viewpoints she really didn't want to seek, and she took the challenges. And did well. I think she enjoyed it too..

Up "Trollråsa" 

1. Trollråsa viewpoint 2. After 2 years - a well worn path 3. Pause by the mailbox 4. Pause by the mailbox 5. Pause by the mailbox 6. Pause by the mailbox 7. Pause by the mailbox 8. Troll is happy 9. Arnt berserking around 10. Yes indeed - that way! 11. Good job. Do not look down 12. Hang on.. the camera is switched off.. 13. Almost up..

Martha taking in the sea views

Martha taking in the sea views (Click for larger image)


14. A small jump for mankind 15. On top! Yes, on top! 16. Just like horse riding.. 17. Welcome to Sunnmøre 18. Our local Prillarguri 19. Me and my .. distracted dog .. 20. On Sukkertoppen 21. More male stuff.. or the daily training

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w/Marc J. Arstall, May 13 2008

Marc is a colleague who has taken great fancy in Norwegian mountains. Snowboarding is his game, but he likes scrambling too. So what a better place in Ålesund for some afternoon fun than Sukkertoppen.

Marc will also be the founder of the new Ålesund 7 peaks challenge - a hybrid between Syvfjellsturen in Bergen and the Three Peaks Challenge in the UK. So Marc - now that it's official and all - there's no turning back now, is there?


Scrambling in "Trollråsa" 

1. Marc climbing in Trollråsa 2. Marc climbing in Trollråsa 3. Marc climbing in Trollråsa 4. Marc climbing in Trollråsa 5. The rock-with-the-hole-under is mandatory 6. Crazy Norwegians... 7. Stuck?

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Marc climbing -Ikke den veien-

Marc climbing "Ikke den veien" (Click for larger image) Other Møre & Romsdal mountains Other Norwegian mountains