Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal
Sukkertoppen, 314m
Skjonghellaren, Kvitesanden, Alnes Fyr,
Ålesund Aquarium

Ålesund sightseeing, June 27-28 2008

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I had special visitors ..

on this Friday. My friend Even and his children Jonatan (16), Marie (14) and Sofie (10) was exploring western Norway and stopped by Ålesund to see my home turf. I am Jonatan's Godfather, and I've been with these kids on the 23rd of December ever since they were born. In other words, almost family. They had been visiting Geiranger, stayed at Grotli and Union Hotel Øye. Trollstigen was on the agenda upon their return to eastern Norway. But now they were in Ålesund, and I would be the local guide. Friday's theme was the outdoors, and the first stop would be Sukkertoppen.


Even rocks

Even rocks (Click for larger image)

June 27 2008

Sukkertoppen, Trollråsa and Trollsvaet

We headed up to Sukkertoppen on the normal route. A lot of tourists were of course on the trail. But being on top of Sukkertoppen doesn't necessarily make a lifelong impression. But Trollråsa does (I hope). Even's first impression of the west ridge was that this was perhaps something we should skip. But skipping Trollråsa was simply out of the question. Sofie was however happy to sit down and wait for us, on top of the steep route.

Marie impressed me hugely by having a very graceful way of scrambling. While Even and Jonatan declined to climb the wall I have in the backyard, Marie got up easily, and with grace.  I told them the story behind Trollråsa and Jonatan wondered why on earth I decided to scramble my way down this mountainside. Curiousity, of course. Cat blood..

Down by the Trollråsa mailbox, I took the opportunity to climb Trollsvaet - the latest route I've "discovered". Trollsvaet is on the very border of what I'm willing to do without a rope, but it's just good fun. Very good fun. Although my climb didn't seem to impress anyone. The thanks I get..


Trollsvaet (Click for larger image)

Kvitesanden, Giske

We headed back up to Sukkertoppen and descended the way we came. After dinner, the kids wanted to go swimming. I had pointed out Kvitesanden from Sukkertoppen, and they were looking forward to a swim in the ocean. Well, all of this was just bragging, because once we got there, none of them felt an immediate urge to head into the c o l d water.

Being the guide, I had to step up and be the leading example. I can't even remember the last time I took a swim in the ocean, but have a strong feeling it was on Hawaii in 1998. Next to the warning sign where you see a shark and a person flying high up in the air. Of course, we didn't see this sign until we were done with our swim..

But we had a good time on Kvitesanden. Marie decided to take a walk in the water, and then came Arnt - the human bomb. And Marie got her swim. Then we went on with a long jump contest. Long jumps are now on my never-to-do-again list. I pulled a muscle and realised I was way too old for this type of amusement. But it was good fun, though.


Long jumps on Kvitesanden

Long jumps on Kvitesanden (Click for larger image)

Alnes Fyr, Godøya
Skjonghellaren, Valderøya

After having visited Kvitesanden, we drove to Alnes Fyr. The Lighthouse was closed, so we didn't stay long. Even seemed to like Alnes a lot. The kids were curious about the Johan Skytt rock, but they would have to settle for pictures. We then drove to Skjonghellaren on Valderøya. The enjoyed the cave too, and I concluded that my guiding job had been a good one. Everyone was happy, but tired.

Ålesund Aquarium, June 28 2008

The next day, we visited Ålesund Aquarium before they headed back towards eastern Norway. Below, you will find lots of pictures from the aquarium.

Scary fella

Scary fella (Click for larger image)


Pictures from the June 27-28 2008 sightseeing

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1. On Sukkertoppen 2. Jonatan 3. Marie 4. Sofie 5. Arnt - taking photographs.. 6. Even does .. something 7. 1-2-3 7B. Marie climbs rocks too


8. Heading for Trollråsa 9. Marie climbs through the rock-with-the-hole-under 10. Sofie also wants to climb through 11. Receiving Sofie.. 12. Down Trollråsa 13. Down Trollråsa 14. Down Trollråsa 15. Down Trollråsa 16. Down Trollråsa 17. Signing the book 18. Even likes the Trollråsa chair 19. Arnt likes to scramble 20. Heading back up 21. Up from Trollråsa 22. Leaving Sukkertoppen

Kvitesanden, Giske 

23. Kvitesanden 24. Arnt is giving Marie a forced swim 25. Just missing the red shorts..

Alnes Fyr, Godøya 

26. Alnes Fyr 27. Alnes Fyr

Skjonghellaren, Valderøya 

28. Arnt is in a jumping phase of his life 29. Into Skjonghellaren 30. Inside Skjonghellaren 31. Inside Skjonghellaren

Ålesund Aquarium, Atlanterhavsparken, Hessa 

32. Ålesund Aquarium 33. Ålesund Aquarium 34. Ålesund Aquarium 35. Ålesund Aquarium 36. Ålesund Aquarium 37. Ålesund Aquarium 38. Ålesund Aquarium 39. Ålesund Aquarium 40. Ålesund Aquarium 41. Ålesund Aquarium 42. Ålesund Aquarium 43. Ålesund Aquarium 44. Ålesund Aquarium 45. Ålesund Aquarium 46. Ålesund Aquarium 47. Ålesund Aquarium 48. Ålesund Aquarium 49. Ålesund Aquarium 50. Ålesund Aquarium 51. Ålesund Aquarium 52. Ålesund Aquarium 53. Ålesund Aquarium 54. Ålesund Aquarium 55. Ålesund Aquarium 56. Ålesund Aquarium 57. Ålesund Aquarium 58. Ålesund Aquarium 59. Ålesund Aquarium 60. Ålesund Aquarium 61. Ålesund Aquarium 62. Ålesund Aquarium 63. Ålesund Aquarium 64. Ålesund Aquarium 65. Ålesund Aquarium 66. Ålesund Aquarium 67. Ålesund Aquarium 68. Ålesund Aquarium 69. Ålesund Aquarium 70. Ålesund Aquarium 71. Ålesund Aquarium 72. Ålesund Aquarium 73. Ålesund Aquarium 74. Ålesund Aquarium 75. Ålesund Aquarium 76. Ålesund Aquarium 77. Ålesund Aquarium

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